Friday, February 27, 2009

pure math 2

i know it is a wrong time to write blog, but i can't stop it. i tired of study, i need a break. last year, i made my choice. i choose form six. i thought i can adapt the difficulties but i almost failed. you know, the four subjects are much more difficult than 13 subjects i took when i was form 5. i doubt how the seniors survive from STPM???

OK. i was nearly fainted in pure math 2 class. when discussing trigonometry questions, i don't know a single word teacher said. i suspect that i am an alien come from a low IQ planet. i was completely blur. then, Sir said we think too much while solving the question, but the question is i never think there is another way to solve the question. totally no idea!!!

math oh math,
why you torture me like this???
you seem so simple and you are tough.
someday, i will beat you down!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

the moment

at that moment, i feel that i go back to form 5. that feeling so warm, so familiar.
teacher teaching in front, we dicussing questions and joking behind.
at that moment, i forget all the stress, all the tension. just enjoy the moment.
MH, thank you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


my parents start to complain that i didn't give my best to study. yes, i am. recently, the subjects become more and more difficult and the teachers all rushing to finish the syllabus. i just cannot suck it up. I'm a slow person. i cannot absorb all the things in a second. so, give me some time, i need time to digest. for my future, i will not give up easily!!!

OK. after the moody blog, some best friends start to worry about me. I'm all right and i will be OK. is no time to sad. King and Ham, when i feel bad, normally i will keep quiet. it's hard for me to open my mouth and start to talk. Nudge, you know, something is guy cannot share with gal. since after form 5, my buddies left me and gone to college study. they change their hand-phone number and is hard to find them to talk. you know, the college guys are busy. really miss them.... Mr.Q and miss.C. miss the moment jogging with Mr.Q. miss the moment chat with Miss.C......

i wish my parents can birth me a elder brother. then, i not need to hid my feeling. he also can help me solve all my problems. he can listen all my words patiently and will not betray me.

i want a brother, i want a brother,i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, i want a brother, .i want a brother.......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


today, my day is getting better. at least, it is better than yesterday. although no friends come to ask me what happen on me, but it makes me more clear that nobody can love me more than i love myself.

someone told me that i am a very serious guy. maybe or maybe not. all this time, i thought i am a very easy guy. i rarely say no to others. i quite don't understand why he has this think about me. after some time, i think his words over and over again. yet, i don't have a conclusion.

frankly, i hate being childish or not serious. playing and not serious in study is really hideous. always come late also a very irresponsible action. when i do something, i will give my best because i want no regret. you can named me "serious guy" but i will not admit it.

love and hate,
i choose love.
because the love, i'm here.

Monday, February 23, 2009


do you feel that the phone is in your hand but you have nobody to talk to?
do you feel you give your most sincere heart to make friend, but no one really care about you?
do you feel that many friends you have but you have no friend can really understanding you?
do you feel somebody close to you just want to get some benefits from you?
do you feel you are different from the others and this not making you unique but weird?

if you feel the same things i feel, you know how suffer am i now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

st.john exam

today is a good day. a good day for st.john exam. i set my alarm to 5.30am because i want to wake up earlier and do my last revision. unfortunately, i was failed. too tired already. the day before exam, i was practice at 'mai dao' 's practice. then, at night my best friend came and find to ask me for some bandaging questions. i slept on 12+am

overall, i think my exam sure pass. i very confident and i believe that i done everything quite well, especially bandaging part. i don't want to describe what happened because sure tackle by somebody. who want to know the story, come 6AS1 find me. about the theory paper, is OK. most of the questions are logic thinking. but i saw many juniors cannot answer those questions. i wonder did they really study the 'basic 1st aid'??? Mr.E answered the questions very fast and very confident, sure he was study very well.

as usual, the practical part started with CPR. then choking and recovery position. the doctor who gave the exam is nice, but my friends said she very cool make them a bit scare. whatever, i like the doctor. my friend, Miss T, i was worry for her... she did did not very well in CPR and choking. hopefully, she can pass. then, bandaging part. Dr.Hew gave us some difficult questions. he also very strict when checking our bandaging. he slapped Miss J, after Miss J finish her foot dressing.
he gave HL' cadet leader failed too... sigh! transportation also no problem to us.

erm... 1 sad thing is i didn't bring my camera. didn't capture photos. sigh. juniors in HL very fun! yo! chat a lot with them especially Yap. i sang too with the gal juniors. they very energetic. exchange our MSN address and else. KM guys and gals, next time, try to mix with them. they very fun.

want to sleep lo... 2moro got school. haven't finish Mr.abdul homework. sigh. can die lo....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the S teacher

Sincerely, I hate this teacher. She really hideous. I know my class is more noisy and lazy, but how can she talk my class like this. She is a teacher, she has to be fair. Please don't be so emotional when teaching us. i think she not just only class discrimination, and she also racial discrimination.

she always take my class compare with biology class. she praises bio class like students come from heaven; us from rubbish. we always late in class, so please don't waste any more time to scold us. repeating the same thing all over the time. always slander my class in front of bio class.

i still remember how she made me damn angry. that day, we having our experiment. the result we got is different form hers. then, she told us we used wrong apparatus. we changed it and did the experiment again. the result still different from hers. is impossible 19 experiment's results got the same answer still wrong. No.1 asked her to demo the experiment and try to get the answer again. she refused. when bio class do the experiment, their result is double than my class's result. teacher said their result is correct. MY GOSH!!! their chemical material, phenolphthalein was failed to function. in the lack of accuracy condition, their result is correct. nobody know what is going on.

she always said her previous students were hardworking, obedient and listen when she is teaching. even though she didn't teach 2007 stpm students, the students still asked some questions. her previous students are totally not like my class's students. previous years she got some Malays and Indians stpm students and this is the first year her students, us are all Chinese. what she is want to mean? in addition, she told us that her Malay students never fail in stpm chemistry papers and only Chinese and Indians failed. these words make me curious. are these true? she told us that she knows Chineses are rich no need to take serious in study also can go college. etc etc etc

My God, really cannot stand with her. Anyone can lend me a hand???

Sunday, February 15, 2009


damn tired today because need to train the juniors the first aid things....
all very fine, except this.....

gals really weak... they cannot lift a person. the juniors in hwa lian are much stronger then them, even thought they just form 3 or form 4. juan them already upper six. i think they should start to train their muscle.

BUT I think thurn very enjoy and happy lo.... why??? let us see thi video clip

thurn... all gals touching your body o... so jealous

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sport day....

2day is my school sport day. erm... i think it's quite boring if compare with Hwa Lian's sport day. But never mind, i tried my best to enjoy. I wore Korean attire today but it looks like pyjamas. later, i will show the photos to you all. i damn ugly in those photos, but i still have to accept the fate that i gave my camera to wrong cameraman. hahaha.... just kidding. he did his best.

sincerely, the sport day is totally like bazaar but the money is go to the association. i spent about rm8.50 for foods. some foods are totally unpalatable, some foods still ok. in the end of the bazaar, the foods became damn cheap. some buy 1 free 1. my god. i feel regret bought some much foods. but never mind la, i still got some free drinks and free ice-cream. thank you to chinese association and interact club. frankly, interact club quite waste. they throw away the cereals because of the food damped already.

about the sports's result, i lazy to type. so, if u want to know, please don't ask me. thank you to all my friends, you all lighten my life. THANK YOU!!!









P/S: wan see more photos go to my friendster la...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SMKM.... walao

Today is a very stupid day too. My school was having sport day rehearsal and school surrounding clean-up. I wore short pants which over my knee and st.john t-shirt went to school.

You know what happen then? After the assembly, the discipline teacher scolded us who wear short pants, not school t-shirt. He said that wearing short pants to school is very rude. Some more, still got people wearing not school's t-shirt to school. Then, he kicked us off and wanted us to go back home, don’t stay at school if we didn’t wear proper attire.

I was so shocked at that moment. Go back home? Is this a good punishment to students? I think it is super irrational action. Where got teacher ‘halau’ students go back home??? Does he think about the consequences before he take the action? Ok, let us use our brain to think.

Is it makes a great chance to students to cut school? Students can loiter in the city or take their breakfast near the school. The only high school near the town is SMKM. If the citizens see the students not at school study, what will they think about SMKM?

How about the students don’t have any transport? How they go back home change their clothes? I think they will also join the students who ‘lepak’ in the town. Or they go cyber café.

How about the parents? They believe school will taking a good care of their children when their children are in the school. What the school done? They betrayed believe of the parents to them. Some of the parents need to work, their children don’t have key. If their children happen anything outside the school during school day, who has to take the responsible and who should be blame?

Now, is the students like me who got own transport. Do you think that I will go home and change my cloth then go back school again? My house is quite far from the school. I won’t waste my petrol go back school for nothing.

As a conclusion, students got chance to cut school, good students might have great potential to turn bad, parents will starting not believe the school anymore, the name of SMKM become worse, making me hate school more.

Finally, I rest and think again. The teacher who asked us go home is brainless…. My last and only conclusion I made in my brain.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A most meaningful day in CNY

Today, I went to Siloam House where people who got mentally problem. I went there with my family and many aunties, uncles and children. I'm the only one 19 years old teen. It placed in Karak. It take some time to there.

this the house they live. quite nice. every rooms got air-cond. very wide and very clean. they also got a maid help them. they have their church to support them. so, they have no finance problem. frankly, their house is better than mine.
ok, let's take a closer look.

this is their dining room.


resting room. inside got television. when they watching television programme, they still got air-cond makes them chill

i didn't capture their living room because it very wide and many people around. it made me hardly to capture photos.

now, it is the time to introduce them. actually, i also don't knoe their name. they just kept saying 'hello', 'gong xi fa chai', 'later you give me angpau' hahaha

carlvin and monyong. these the only people i know.

they very like camera. when i took out my cameara, they kept showing victory hand to me. but some very shy.
besides, we brought a lot of foods to them. my mum made three dishes too.
she cooked herbal eggs, mi and vegetarian curry.
ok, ok, show you all the foods.
be careful of your saliva!!!

lazy write already. just showing you all the activities there, k?

we dance, sing, sharing those delicious foods and the aunties gave them angpau!!!
where were i???

sitting aside and be cool.... hahaha

never the least, we always took a 'quan jia fu' but don't have me inside. i was holding camera T.T

i think the next CNY i will visit them again la. quite fun with them. tomorrow got school, i have to prepare now. if i'm free and somebody wants to know more, i think will write another more details post. goodbye my friends!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My favourite song

this song is awesome!!!
1st time listen katy perry sing this kind of song, damn nice...
i listen over and over again...
maybe i will change my idol form Rihanna to Katy...

Bad day....

Last Friday was a stupid day. Damn unlucky! Till now, I still regret I went to school. Sigh!

That day morning was a cat dog rain. I still had to school with my old car. I’m a student. My job is to school study. I cannot cut my school. Furthermore, my parking in front of the school was destroyed by those who fixing the water pipe. They still didn’t finish their work. So inefficient! So, I parked my car in front of a shop which has a distance to my school. I had my umbrella. It still new and never use before. When I opened it, it spoiled already. Oh my God. The customers in the shop all looked at me. So embarrassed! I quickly throw the useless umbrella to my car and decided walk to school without it. When I reached my class, I wet already. What could I do? Moreover I still was having my flu.

Because of Mr. Tan Ah Seng’s physics class, I went to school. Damn! They cancel the last three periods and replaced with idiot motivation. Those who scored flying colour in PMR and SPM will share their experience while facing the exam and talk about how they study. My God!!! I’m form 6 already. I will never take SPM and PMR again. Why should I sit there and listens those bullshit? I have my own study way. It just wasted my time.

Certificate is only a paper, but you don’t have it, means you lose a pass to the social. This is what the elders teach me. But some people really cannot study. However how hard you teach them, they are not talented in study. But the world still has many occupations and study is not the only way to success. Even though nowadays many highly educated people still didn’t get a job. For students who weak in study, never give up!!! You will find your way to success. Someday, you might be somebody in the world!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Now, i announce that i will start my blog here!!!

Since many of my friends write blog at here, i also feel write my blog here is better. Previous, i write my blog in Friendster and Msn Space. my friends are complain to me. they said that is quite trouble some when wan to read my blog. Friendster Blog Site is too slow. Msn Space is quite troublesome. So, i think i will start my blog here. I'm still a newbie here, so, hope you all don't mind about this.

Now, i truely announce. WANG/ WAN/ MENG HAWL/ 肉包子 will start his blog RIGHT HERE......


Thursday, February 5, 2009

my CNY





初三,我就拜年了。第一间家就去我化学补习老师家了。她人真的很好。屈指算一算,加上今年我已经上了她的课三年了。去她家,我们就谈天啊!她还教我们一大堆化学的东西,真的三句不离本行。 (哪,给照片你们看,让你们羡慕下,呵呵 ^0^ )