Sunday, July 8, 2012


How long you didn't receive any cards from your friends besides the birthday cards? nowadays, people are not care about a damn things to the wishes cards. SMS, MMS, FB messages, MSN, Yahoo and etc are the main streams to send our wishes to our loving one. the problem is do you feel the warmness, cares, and loves from the screen? for me, definitely no~ it's also one of the reasons i seldom wish my friends through internet or sms. at least, i will make a call. A call is a lot better than a sms. you type it, send it and you dun even care the reply which you already know the content, "TQ".

today,  when i opened my memory box to keep the birthday cards and some memorable gifts, somethings did surprise me. 


Since i left my secondary school, i never receive any CNY cards. form 5,  the year we were still playing friendster. 2 or 3 weeks before Chinese New Year, we always send the CNY cards to our buddies, friends and classmates. it was fun and it's still fun for me. no matter what our friends write on the card, we do like it. is the card expensive or cheap? we don't care. what's really touch our hearts is our friends remember us and they got a card to wish us have a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~~~

when we give the cards to our friends, they will smiling and say "thank you". then, they will open it and read what you write for them. some are quite shy. they prefer after you leave, only they will open the pink envelope which will not cost them a single cent. the smiles, the shy looks, can you see all these by sending sms???


Here, i must give a credit to Meng Heng. i got 4 pieces of his cards. EVERY CNY, i can receive his card!!! BRAVO~~~

here, i want to remind Miss Cui Yin that we know each other since we were in Primary school!!!! ARGH

And..... Meng Heng, what you write here? it's a lie.

K... TIME TO SAY BYE BYE, my little memory box!

my pitiful primary school's life

i seldom tell this story of mine to my friends. it's a nightmare when i was 7. i think by writing it out can help me to grab some braveness and face it. it's in my life. it's with me.

when i was 7. i was studied in a small classroom with 30++ students. my 1st year in primary school. it should be a memorable year. white uniform, short black pants, white stockings, white shoes and a God Damn heavy school bag. the year which a child, Xiao Song Sheng  (小松升)is kidnapped and disappear. Now, we still don't know where he is. MY STORY totally didn't relate with him. i just use it as my story's beginning.

I remember, one day, my class teacher gave a quite low marks on my homework and same as my friend who just sit next to me. i was so upset. i did my best to complete the homework and this is what i can get? then, my friend ( i name him as A) and i were complaining the teacher being unfair. suddenly, i got a silly idea. i said why not we write "teacher eats shit" (老师吃大便)in the textbook? she deserves for shit. A was totally agreed with my idea. then, we kept on laughing for this silly idea.
At the end, i didn't do it. under deep inside my heart, i still know what is "respect". i still respect my teacher although i'm not satisfy with the marks. who will know this will becomes my nightmare in my primary school's life?

i forget the reason and someday i had a quarrel with A. A was kind of angry and he threaten me. he said if i didn't follow what he says, he will tell the teacher and the classmates that i wrote "teacher eat shit" in my textbook. OF COURSE, i have no fear. i didn't do it and what can scare me? i replied him " just do what ever you want to do"  i continue with the never-even-can-be-finish homeworks. 

after 5 mins, the teacher, A and his friends came to my table. teacher asked me angrily why i do this? (the words: teacher eats shit). surely, i defected for myself. i told them that i didn't do it. BUT they don't believe me. A turned to a good student. he claimed he is the good one and i am the bad one. he likes teacher and he is so brave to tell the truth. i also told the teacher about A when we were complaining. i was just joking at that time. i took out the textbook and asked them to check. I AM NOT GUILTY!!!

a girl, friend of A, she said that i can destroy the evidences. after i wrote the words, i can erase it. She took over my textbook and write a few simple words lightly and erased it till not stains at all. she did this in front of  everyone. she wants me to admit that i am guilty BUT I"M NOT! everyone was looking at me, teacher was angry, most of the classmates think that i did it, no one comes to help me or say somethings for me. my nerves broke down and i lost my control. I CRIED, I YELLING to everyone i didn't do it and i am not guilty. the girl crossed her hands in front her chest, watching me crying. A continued pretending that he is the good boy. classmates were watching a drama. teacher get annoyed and ignored me.

i cried for 3 hours, even in the rest time, everyone left me alone in the class. no one talks with me. i had no friends. do you know how hurt is it to a 7 years old boy??? you have no idea!

from that moment, i not easy to trust people. if i treat you like my brother, if i told you that you are my BEST FRIEND face-to-face, you got my believe more than 100%. PLEASE DO APPRECIATE IT... once you lost it, you never get it back....


Thursday, July 5, 2012


through facebook, know that many of my friends are busy with their internship life. they are talking Chemistry and i have nothing to talk. firstly, i seriously have nothing to do in the company and the people there don't know what can let me to do. everyday, wake up in the morning, punch card, wait for lunch, wait for off, online and sleep....

i thought i can learn something from the internship but so far i learn nothing. i rather go back genting to work. at least, the salary is higher. i'm thinking excuse to let me stay in this company for the next 7 weeks.... anyone can helps me to think?