Thursday, September 30, 2010






突然,超想对某一人狠狠地骂: “屌你!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Kuantan trip

frankly, i have been to Kuantan several times before. this time, i went to Kuantan because of some people. they are pow lin and li yan, my NS friends. after the PLKN, i didn't meet them for 3 years already. so, when i got a call from li yan and he was asking me would i like to come to Kuantan for a gathering. without second thought, i said yes.

i'm not decided to write where i had gone and what i enjoyed most when i was in Kuantan. i want to tell you all my feeling along this 2 days, 1 night trip.

i was damn worry about the gathering. what if i cannot recognise them, what if i have no topic to talk with them, what if what they are discussing and i'm know nothing about it and etc. i got a thought to take the go-home-bus right after i reach Kuantan.
when i saw them and i didn't feel any awkward when talking with them. it was a surprise for me. i thought i will feel strange when meet them but no. now, i'm feel so glad that i didn't run away. if not, i'm really a cower.

i feel so uncomfortable when li yan paid all the bills. i know he is a local and he is a very passion guy but he really no need to pay all the bills for us. we are still students. we should share the bill. we have to force li yan to take our money and only this way can makes us feel better. i give all my money inside my wallet (i mean red colour one), although i just got a piece. hope he doesn't mind.

i want to say thank you to sean, pow lin's boyfriend. he is so friendly and he is a nice guy. the most important he helped me to take a very beautiful photo which i very like it. hahaha

thank you li yan for letting me staying in his house. i like his house very much. his mother's cooking is nice, his relatives are so kind and the list never end. he makes me to feel i am right in my home. after chatted with him, i learnt a lot from him and i get more understanding him. maybe should i call this trip as li yan's house trip??? hahaha

thank you Elizabeth. just a few messages and some calls, she came out and accompany me to watch a damn stupid movie... thank you!!!