Wednesday, November 25, 2009

three papers, bye bye

yes, finally i can take a short break. after those damn tough papers, finally i can get a good night sleep.

i think is the time for me to self-examination, take a few minutes to flash back what i mistakes i had done in my past papers.

Pengajian Am paper 2
actually this paper makes me feel very sorry that i didn't spend much time to study it, because i thought it is easy (at least those papers in school made me had this thought). but it is not! i was so worried that i had not enough time to finish it and the result is i got 30 minutes to check my papers. the last part which have to convert a table into an essay really made me headache. i totally don't know what should i do? how to answer this question? i actually spent around 10 minutes to choose and 15 minutes to think how to answer.
i did it badly. totally no confidence to score well.
after the exam, i walked out the room and discussed the questions which my friends. suddenly, i remember that i wrote the wrong number of the question which i answered. it should be no.10 not no.9!!! immediately, i ran to my room and asked for the permission to correct my paper. luckily, they were so kind. they returned my paper and gave me a chance to redeem my mistake.
thank you, God. thank you for remind me. thank you for Your kindness.

Chemistry paper 2
yes, i love chemistry. but everytime i cannot score well in it. i also don't know why. maybe this is what they called 'mei you yuan fen'.
this paper is much better than Pengajian Am paper 2. the first question also made me retarded, what is the gas??? sigh! at least, i answered all the questions except a 2 marks question. what is the product of chlorine and sodium chloride and write a balance equation. my brain totally blank? what?! i simply wrote sodium chloride peroxide and didn't answer the the equation question.
teck boon told me that he saw me was so relax when the exam. erm... actually i was don't know what to do. ha ha ha
last year paper is more to inorganic and this year paper is more to physical. maybe next year the paper is more to organic???

Mathematics T1
my trial paper is easier than this paper. shit! i thought i can score 80++ in this paper because i know my mathematics T2 is sucks. i need it to rescue my mathematics.
many minor questions i really don't know how to answer. i tried my best to give a logical answer, maybe it will make some senses. i answered the paper without thinking much. i scare i will ruin it if i take it too serious and my mind will blank. hope my answers are all correct.
after the exam, i went to toilet with meng heng and i told him that i wrote 1/square root H is zero. he said the answer should be infinity. oh my God.... 4 marks, bye bye.

next monday is physics paper 2 and next tuesday is mathematics T2.
wish me good luck and remember pray for me... sayonara...

Friday, November 20, 2009

friday blues

next monday stpm will starts.
pengajian am paper 2
chemistry paper 2
math t paper 1

they are killing me.
who will save me???

Mika, Rihanna and Taylor...
save me.....

Monday, November 16, 2009



Thursday, November 12, 2009

really have to study lar...
really have to memorise all the things should be memorise...
emo emo emo

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


dunno my blog will close for awhile or not because of STPM is coming and i have to study more harder?

dunno why recently i cannnot sleep well? i'll automatic wake up at 2.3oam.

lazy to post about the farewell party... so many to tell but time is limited for me.

wan to finish 'the little nyonya', but i know i cannot.

wan to go genting play after stpm, but nobody wan to go with me

Saturday, November 7, 2009

random no.???

yesterday i just found i cannot drink 'cham' before i sleep.
whole night i couldn't sleep, not... is whole morning.
damn semangat, eyes opened wide looked at my dear books.
but, failed. althought eyes on book but i dunno what i was thinking.
totally useless me...

then, i went to watch some movies.
very nice!!! more exciting than the 《宫心计》.
so, i enjoyed myself till morning.
until breakfast
then, i laid on my bed...

tik tok tik tok


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


end of the year means time for exam.
for normal students, it's only an end year exam.
for us, STPM students, everything means different.
it's either life or death.
4 subjects can bring us the glory and can bring us the doom.

congratulation for who had finished their exam,
it's another bright sunshine day for you to enjoy.
the day is not for me, i'm in the fight.
the war full with A to Z, the 0 to 9 war.
each words, each numbers we playing is no kidding.
that's great a difference between 79 and 80.

maybe it's the time for you stay at home to do your last preparation.
for me, it is the time go to school search for help.
i need more exercises, i need more tips, i need more useful advice.
i want learn more, i want teacher's guides.

wearing white uniform, sitting in front of whiteboard.
sitting on my chair, listen what's teacher teaching.
go to canteen, eat nasi lemak.
doing experiments, copy results.
soon, all of these will be part of my memories.
soon, i'm not again the secondary student.

school will be my past tense.