Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leisure time after exam part 2

after the fattening meals, i decided to go around Georgetown, the heritage town. first of all, i thinking to visit the Bank Street ( i don't know the actual street's name). i kind of like that place because the building there is British style and when you walk along the street, it will brings you back to the old times.

don't know why... i like this building the most! :-)

i walked slowly and i following the path which i had walked before with my coursemates when we visited the "nyonya baba' house.

anyway, i like this. 

i stepped into Little India area~~~ wow!!! i never been in Little India before.

the floor there always gives me surprise... i like the design on the floor. when i walked on it, i'll feel i'm special. it's like when you walking on red carpet.

Fortune teller... there is a lot of fortune tellers. each fortune tellers might different methods. some will look on your palm, some will ask you to pick a card, some will look on your face, etc. do i believe it??? i believe myself, i do my best and the rest leave it to God.

then, i took out my smartphone started to search where is the hell is Armenian Street located??? One of the best things in Penang is Penang Free Wifi!!! under the big hot sun, stood beside of the main road, kept on scrolling on screen and i gave up. i roughly get where is Armenian Street in Google Map but wait!!! i'm not Penangite, the signs given are useless for me. Never mind, i got a lot of time. On my motor and GO~~~

With my motor, i passed by several places. Unique, beautiful and lovely buildings really catch my eyes. Art = Buildings. AH HA... wait a minute, i saw this before!!! 

thx, Carol. Finally, i arrived!!!! yahoo~~~ actually i know that when night, there will be an event having here. it'll be a handmade market and some road shows. however, i want to experience the peacefulness of this street before it get really crowded.

YES! another surprises, i found this on my friend's blog. His Ang Mo's friend's house. Damn rich man... having a house in Island and it's so antique.


i bought somethings for my mum and sis in this unique shop.

this uncle is amazing. from day to night, he keeps playing the things which sound like "chinese Guitar"

I love antique... they are full with memories and time.

In the night, i back here again. this time, i'm not alone!

TA - DA 

Lee Teng~~~

A very small cafe and it is Green~~ i like green plants

Temples tour starts!

it's beautiful and the price is even more beautiful~~~
the handmade market~~ bought somethings for my lil bro too...

What really surprise me? It's him, Ernest Zacharevic. when i was walking along the street, he was also next to me and i didn't realise.. DAMN IT. however, when i met him again, he was drawing~~~

a last photo before i left the street~~ currently, the most famous drawing in Penang....

leisure time after exam part 1

Thanks to my friend, Lee Chen and her boyfriend, Xiao Lin for bringing Cui Yin and Me to Bukit Tambun for a seafood dinner. I was really relax and happy that night. After the exam, i no need to think how to answer the questions. No more memorizing the notes, formula and points like hell. 

Nice Amra Juice.... but quite expensive~~~~

Kepah~~~ shells is more than the kepah's meat

"lai liu ha" not bad la.... just RM4 per prawn and bit salty for me.

"chu chu" i like its taste... very very very delicious!!!!

"si ham" like like like~~~ hahahaha. my favourite!!! 


then, we went for 2nd round in dunno where for the famous tomyam....

for me, OK OK only nia....

then, last station USM, IK for sleep~~~ hahahaha

continue part 2 next day

Monday, June 4, 2012

are you ready???

today is Monday
next week Monday, i will sit for my 1st paper...

i preparing my best for the challenge.
study hard, do more pass year, memorize everythings i can remember

i am ready-ing for it
are you???