Saturday, July 30, 2011


frankly, my working is so far so good...
at least, it's much better than last time i worked as croupier.
this job is easier and more relax


i start to hate genting's weather again. too cold for me~~~
i miss my hot sun... hahaha

who wan to eat genting's moon cake ar???

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucky Zai....

i cant imagine what if Lucky Zai's time has comes and it has to go where it should go~~~~~~~~

Saturday, July 23, 2011


today i stepped into casino again...
suddenly, i missed the time when i was a croupier...
after 15 seconds like that, i felt grateful that i'm not a croupier...

get the T-shirt already, 2moro 2pm to 10pm is my working shift.
hope nothing will happen till the day i resign...

3rd day in genting

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Again back to Genting for the part time job. This time, I am a S.P.A (sales & promotion assistant), but still under casino. Ha ha ha…

Last time I was so excited when I know that I got a job, croupier in Genting. This time, I don’y know why I just want to finish my job faster and go back home. I hope time can flies faster so that I can go back to USM continue my study. When I reach here, I have a weird feeling. This feeling is same as like time I worked as a croupier. It’s very hard to describe. Lonely + sad + happy + blah blah blah. I think at least 70% is relieved. I feel so relieved when I resigned the job as a croupier. Frankly, deed inside my heart, I hate that job. This job made me no life. I such a active person, I cannot just having a life that sleep, eat and work. Furthermore, it’s likes no friend at here. Damn lonely. Sometime, I want to find a person to have talk also doesn’t have.

Last, today is 21/7/2011, the 2nd day I’m in Genting.

p/s: to somebody... i know grammer mistakes....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bye bye

going to leave my hometown again. tis time, i will go genting. not for play bur working. bye~~~

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bersih (from 我们全力支持民行 We Fully Support PKR's Photos )









Saturday, July 2, 2011

rowing part 2

I got a chance to taste win and lose.
When our boat takeovers the other boats, I feel good; When our boat is the last, what is in my mind is MORE POWER, FOCUS!!! YOU CAN DO IT. I must go all out when in the competition, I don’t want to feel regret when get on the board. As long as my boat is not the last, I will do anything for it. It’s very sad when lost but I still have to suck it up and move on.

SUKMA, I can represent Penang; MASUM, I can represent USM. Wow~~~ It’s such a big gift for me. I never dream that I can participate in such huge sport events. I feel so proud of myself. All my seniors, course mates and old friends sent their wish to our team. I was damn touched. Although they are working or studying, they still remember me.

Last but not least……

1, 2, 3, ROW!
The petal must 90 degree!!!
Bend your body when forward
Drop your body when row.
Don’t look beside when rowing, focus in front.

rowing part 1

Now, it’s already July. I have stopped the rowing training for a week already. I start to miss everyone. Although the training is very boring, (forgive me to use boring again), but at least I gain a healthy body and my fitness. Every mornings and evenings, I got you guys go to Rumah Kayak for the training together. It’s better than now doing nothing at home. I think the 6 packs (I know I don’t have it) will become 3 layers. I don’t know when I get back to USM still can pull the machine for 1000m or not?

Honestly, the rowing really gains me a lot of things. I still remember that Uncle had asked me a question when in UKM (SUKMA).
Uncle: “Wan Cina, what you have learned from rowing???”
Me: “Erm…. A lot lor…..”
I was not in the condition. Furthermore, I was not in a good mode. I just simply answered Uncle. Sorry Uncle.

Besides the physical things, allowances and many free gifts, I got a chance to go other universities. I had been UIAM, UKM and UPM. Before this, I always wonder what other universities look liked? Is it almost likes USM??? After visited these Us, I found that USM still the best. Hostel’s room quite big, free internet, convenient and it’s near to town. The toilets are clean and in good condition (I mean IK only).

Frankly, I’m scare of indoor rowing machine. Each times when Su asks us to take out the machine, I feel like want to run away. 1000m already makes me breathless; 2000m makes me feel like want to die. After pulled the machine, the legs will pain like hell, sometimes I cannot feel my arms. Ha ha ha…. I’m weak. As time passed, I’m no more fear to the machine but nervous. Thanks to you guys supports… Hamdan, Fattah, Wan cox, Kimi, Mariam, Mia and others, thank you very much. Friendship is what I received when training.