Monday, January 30, 2012

the annual camp that i wish

i hope full cooperation from everyone including me...
i hope everyone still can talk politely although we are tired and under pressure...
i hope people will put their foot inside others' shoes...

i hope when people get inside trouble, don't forget to give your hand to them.
i hope people automatic knowing what is the time for joking and what is the time for serious.
i hope people support each others when he/she is down

i hope everyone enjoys
i hope everyone doesn't tension
i hope everyone always smile

i'm not perfect. i also make mistakes but please don't being sarcastic to me. I'm not really good in getting your meaning behind your words. Direct, straight to the point is the best way for me.

i easily get mad when i have not enough sleep and tired. So, i will try my best to control my temper and please control yours too.

i understand that we are tired. when order comes, we do it. don't you try to rest. it's not being fair to everyone. what you doing is called selfish. (remind me when i'm the one who resting)

after a crazy week in USM, some might get sick. we should be understanding. the person who feeling unwell also please informs your superior and not your friends because your friends have not power to let you rest.

what i writing here, it's not only for the people who is related, it's also for me.
i'm the one who got these problems. now, i trying to hypnotize myself.
if you feel offence, i'm sorry...
if you feel i'm right too, thank you...
if you think that i miss something, please do me a favor, fill the blanks

the end :-)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

i am weird

I'm not a baby anymore and i'm 22 years old.
maybe you will think that i'm weird.
i can tell you that i am normal.
i just have a different thinking with other people, that's all.

many people think that Chinese New Year should gamble, drink liquor till drunk, visit relatives or friends' house by house, non-stop fireworks and fire crackers for at least 10 mins, have a luxurious dinner till we cannot finish every foods, etc. I just tired of these.

since i have an annual camp soon, my holiday just only 10 days, i prefer to stay at home.
after a crazy exam's attacks, i want a good rest.
if i didn't say boring at home, it isn't a holiday for me.

i hate gamble. Gamble has nothing good...

i hate to drink alcohol. what it does is destroys my liver...

i dislike visiting. main reason is it's quite fake for me... i have nothing to talk with you and you keep on asking me boring questions - girlfriend, academic result, dreams, blah blah blah

i dislike play fire crackers. it's only burns my money and pollutes our mother earth.

i hate the dinner. it kills life and we cannot finish the foods. why we have to eat those dead meat??? after that dinner, 5 days i only eat veges and fruits till my mum mixes the chicken in every dishes. Chinese... loves to waste to show they are generous.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

my family

third day of Chinese New Year, we were at a temple in Cameron Highlands.
it had been a long time we didn't take a photo together.
i always in Penang; my brother in KL study;

erm.... it's time to ask them "gam fei" (exercises and eat less)~~~~

Monday, January 23, 2012

the most memorable memories in sem 3

things that touch your heart is not necessary things that make you feel happy.

for me, it's glad and thankful.

when it happened on us, we will feel glad. we feel glad because we're still breathing and our heart still pumping.

thanks to God, we still living and let us be one of the part of his arrangement.

even a teeny tiny thing which is nothing in others people eyes, it's means a lot for us and it' just for us. how precious is it, right?

yesterday i had a thought to write down the top three most memorable memories in my USM's life. My roommate told me that in his eyes, i was 24-7 stick with the books. the books on my table, on the floor, under my bed, on my bed, etc. erh hmm... actually it's only happens in study week and exam week, sometime near test or quiz. my life is not only books, k?

OK, let me announce the first place of my the most memorable memories. DENG DENG DENG DENG....

everyone was eating and i was sleeping. damn tired, man. for who don't know me, i have a biological clock inside my body. once after 1am, i will become very blur and sleepy. please look at the time of the photo. 0214!!! it was not the end!!! we slept on 3am something....

through this camp, i really learnt a lot. same case like Junior's annual camp, it unveils people true colour. it becomes my experience and taught me how to encounter with it if it happens again. my senior is right. when everyone is tired, hungry and thirsty, you will know who is your friend and who is your so-called-friend.

however, it was enjoyable. after this week, the annual camp is coming again. hopefully i'll be more tough!!!

AND second place drop to.....

To complete my SHE (hubungan etnik) project, i have to go Straits Quay and find the Nyonya Baba Nasi Ulam. the problem is i don't know how to go to that place. when i kept asking direction and ways to get there, suddenly got a So-K volunteer himself accompany me to go there.

Yes, the So-K is the person in the photo, my partner... hahahaa~~~

That day, we took bus to Komtar. then changed another bus till Island Plaza and we walked under the big hot sun for 15 mins. When we back, we walked form Straits Quay to Gurney Plaza... that time, i was feel so pai sei. i was bringing troubles to my friend. he told me that he was fine and it was not a problem at all. wow~~~

ya la... i admit got a bit touching la.... just a bit only ah.

third place drops to........

Ya, i know i'm cute~~ handsome too~~~ BUT please don't jealous.
this is not my room but the room i always go. He is a very good listener and very "ah sha li". you will feel very comfortable when chat with him. honestly, he cut my hair for free in this sem and it looks really nice. everyone says that i got potential to be a model and got 10% is contribute from him. ya... thank you, bro!



happy chinese new year

Happy Chinese New Year

Wednesday, January 18, 2012




Thursday, January 5, 2012

first week of examination

today afternoon i slept 3 hours. it's has been a long time that i didn't enjoy my sleep. Stress and tension is the factor which affecting my mood. i don't know why no matter how i hard i had studied, i still feel damn worry for the paper.

for example today i was woke up on 2am to study the introduction to food science and technology. the day before the food intro, i was had a chemical engineering thermodynamic which also known as a killer paper. i finished the thermodynamic paper on 5.15pm and the food intro was waiting me on the next day 9.00am. it was almost not enough time to let me fully armored for the paper.

i was woke up on 2am today, took a cold bath and refreshed what i had memorize in study week. i kept on repeated studied the notes over and over again to memorize. this paper is talking about memorizing. i had no choice, 2 cups of chinese tea and a cup of coffee became my breakfast and my driving force to study. furthermore, thanks to Faris, my brother, for leading his room for me.

it was quite relieved when i read the questions and almost all the questions i can answered. the most excited part is i not remember all of the points of important of food additives. i wrote down everythings i know and it left not much time for me. i looked at the clock and it only 3 minutes left. Again, it caught my nerve. maybe the training in PALAPES and training in sport, i managed to calm myself quickly and kept asking myself for the last important point.

i cannot give up at this moment!!!
suddenly, a another voice from my heart said : "it's ok. you done your best... relax"

i looking at the clock, 30 seconds left!!! think! Wan Meng Hawl, THINK!!!
"Leavening and acidity/$%^&" poped out!!!
WOW!!! i faster wrote down the point and tried to elaborate it.....

Thanks God..... I did it!!! Muuuuuackssssss~~~~~~~~~~~~