Wednesday, February 13, 2013


可能,从annual camp回来我需要休息吧?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Padang Meha day 1 to day 3

Day 1
Oh... SHIT!!! according to the schedule, we suppose to leave USM on the next day and why today? a lot of things haven't pack into the bags and where should i keep all the bags? A whole night didn't sleep just to solve the packing problem. after the 'tinjau' at Padang Meha in the morning, i have to go back to USM for the 'baca perintah'. later a huge chaos in 008, back bag, porches, M203 and me are ready to TBS. Kedah - Pulau Pinang - Kedah @_@

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 'fasa medan'.

Day 2
wake up early in the morning, have the breakfast, time to face the reality. I am a no.3 section corporal. well, 'tinjau' time again~ a same place i 'tinjau' yesterday and today i doing a same thing. besides tired, i don't get it why i walk to the place and back to my squad over and over again. when i get back TBS from tinjau, 'baca perintah' time again. the only different is i also have to give 'perintah' to my section. you know, my 'baca perintah' skill is totally shit and i make it like a discussion with my members. thank you so much for let me do so.

i am same 'kubu' with Sakinah aka Deknah. we all thought that we will use back the old 'kubu' that our seniors have dig before. the soil is softer and it is stage 1 completed! however, thank you to DS and our CI. they change all the bunker's positions. we got a new kubu. it is hard like rock. Damn difficult to dig the bunker. our staff still hoping we can finish our bunker on time. Sigh... impossible also have to make it possible.

back to my bunker place with Deknah. both of us start our job!!! And... it's rain~~~ yes, RAIN!!! thought the rain can softer the soil and make our job easier. however, the earth still hard like rock and the weight-gain-soil makes my hoe heavier. A night with 2 hours sleep with dry clothes (of course have to change my clothes after the rain to get some rest)

day 3
Bunker havent done. Deknah and i still working on it. although she is a girl and quite short, but her spirit is very high. she never complain that she cannot do it. what i do, she would not sit at beside and watch. she sure will find something to do to reduce my tiredness. for example, help me to remove the soil in the unfinish bunker, make the sandbag and etc. she also my snack provider when i need sweet foods. i am so lucky to have her as my kubu-mate. when i on duty to put the barriers for our defense area, i force to leave Deknah alone to continue finish the bunker. thanks God, He sends Tn Wang and Pn Doi  to help her. when i back to the bunker. it is almost done. they helped us to complete 10% work. 10% is means a lot to us.

unfortunately, the lunch is not send on time and the sun is making me feel dizzy. Day 3, i'm not feeling well. i vomit due to the heat and stomach is feeling unwell. thank you Myra Lishey for sharing her medicine with me. if without your medicine, i cannot imaging what will happen on me.

post-changing again~~~ Liza is coming.... this is the last night Deknah and me in the bunker we have make. since it is done, i get more sleeping time this night - 4 hours!!!!

TO Be Continue~~~~