Sunday, August 30, 2009


she is not 'very short' and not 'very heavy'. she has a very nice hair style. her eyes are brown in colour. blood group AB.

our first met was in a small tuition class. that time, we were just 9 years old. i forget how we become friend already but what i remember is we always play together while waiting tuition start and after tuition waiting for parents.

together we moved to a new class and unfortunately she dropped to another next year. but this didn't affect our friendship. we still best friend. i remember that i presented an stamp album to her. i don't know whether she will like it or not but hopefully she likes it.

after primary school, we moved to a same secondary school. i lost contact with her. we study in different classes, having our own friends, but in deep inside my heart, i know someday we will be friend again.

until form four, she just studied the class beside mine. our friendship comes back. i always went to her class and played. we did a lot of nonsense things but it was fun. we joked, we sang, we shared and we enjoyed.

when form five, that is a distance between my class and her class but i still go to her class everyday. i treats her class as my class. when break time, we hide inside her class for breakfast and most of the time we chat. we also bring instant cup noodles, white coffee, milo, red tea and some rubbish foods. i think those prefects are hate us.

when i feel happy or sad, i will find her to have a talk. when i was in PLKN, at first i was so depressed. no one knows me. one day, i phoned her and we talked almost 45 minutes. i kept telling her what i feel and she so a good listener. after that call, i take her advise and suck up all my bad emotion. finally, i can enjoy the PLKN.

now, we already graduated. she studies in college and i study in SMKM. as time goes on, we grown but our friendship never fake away.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


no water.... how???

just get back water supply. thanks God! if not, i will take my car drive to my grandmother there ( in Raub). how can we live without WATER! i need to drink, i need to eat, i have to answer call of nature and bath!!!

normally, before i start my study, i'll take a bath. it makes me feel more fresh. however, i have to continue study in tired and dirty body because trial is coming. tell you what, i forced to hotel to bath. i forced go to petrol station in town to shit. WTF!!!

i bie tahan liao..... One FM quick quick answer my call!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

simply write

week for us to prepare the STPM trial. now, i'm still sitting in front of computer doing nothing.
i just looked through my friend's blog. he posted some photos. in the photos, people who go to college are so handsome and pretty already. i'm sure their result also very good.

now, look at me. what i have? what will i have? i don't know anything. future is so mystery to me. i want to figure it out, at the same time i feel scare. i don't what to do...

nobody understand me.....


Sunday, August 23, 2009








Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blah blah blah

now is 2.30am, i'm still didn't sleep because i just woke up. the black out made me sleep earlier and i didn't study at all. i'm feel a little bit guitly now. but, anyway, this time i come here is for complain.

i found out that recently my brain out of function already. Example:
  1. always say some silly things
  2. always cannot find a suitable word to describe my feeling
  3. math n phy always do wrong because of small mistake
  4. no mood when teachers start teaching


Thursday, August 6, 2009

you know la...

STPM is coming, my reuslt is sucks.
one thing i can do is stay away from computer and study.
so, i'll leave here for awhile until STPM is over. see you later, bye