Thursday, February 25, 2010

STPM result released!!

because of 25 Feb, this very important day, i just slept 4 hours.
because of 25 Feb, i applied forward my leave in next month.
because of 25 Fed, i went to find A/M for his approval 2330.

0930 bus arrived Genting, i started my journey to take my result.

once i out of the bus, without hesitate, i walked to school.
after about 4 hours (including the time in bus and time walk to school), finally i stood in front of school. the next minutes, the result will in my hand.

what the heck!!! before i take my result, i forced to fill up a stupid 'soal selidik' which full with bull shitting questions. i just scanned through it and simply answered these questions. the most important, i want my result! that's why i apply leave and come so far from Genting back to mentakab.

Cikgu Khalid, my class teacher. he helped to tear my envelope and gave to me. suddenly, i have no guts to open my result. Seng Sir, my phy teacher, he sat beside me. then, i asked him to help me open my result. he took my result, hit on the envelope 3 times and said "ONG! ONG! ONG!"

WOW!!! i was damn damn shock and surprise!!! i didn't think that i can score this result. really out of expectation. all the teachers congrats to me. they wanted me to 'belanja' them go buffet. i just asked them go Casino and find me, i sure let them win. ha ha ha....

then, i went to find teachers 1 by 1 to thank them for the teaching. i also called my chemistry tuition teacher to thank her also. later, i sms to my best friends to share this good news with them.

today really really a good day. it deleted all my suffer memories in Genting... hahaha

Saturday, February 6, 2010

random... (bout my trainer and group members)

yes, i'm lazy. i lazy to continue my Genting diary. please forgive my laziness.

make it short, days in Genting = suffer+fun+excited+friendship+sad+angry+frustrated

so many emotions, how to describe all my feeling in a post??? right? furthermore, next day, Sunday, i'll go back to Genting. actually i will start my work on Monday 2000, but i don't want, it's too tiring.

erm... talk about my trainer first, Mr. Sangar A (88001949)

he is a very strict trainer. everytime he teaches, he will makes sure everyone is understand what he said. no matter how stupid is the question, he also will try his best to satisfy our curiousity. he always says :" if you didn't follow what i want, i'll terminate you." but we all know, he just don't want we too relax until forget that we are in training. to ensure we have do our homeworks, before he starts the training, he always gives us test. to make sure our grooming is 100%, everyday he will check our outfit, hairstyle, lipstick( girls only).

actually the first few days, i felt damn suffer. i failed him a couple of times. just because of i don't like people look down on me, i tried my best to complete his requirements, but my health kept pulling me down. days after days, i found that Mr. Sangar is a very cute guy also. then, i started to use with his training style. frankly, i quite like him.

then, is my team-mates
my group has ME, mun huey, tiffany, khoon and Uma.

Uma quited before we passing out. because of his high fever, he took 2 days MC and finally he forced to send to downtown hospital. i quite shock when i received this news. i thought he will be better after take some medicines and rest. the last time i saw him is when i was on the way to canteen. when i saw him, he still able to say hello to me. sad is the only word i can say. my group became 4 persons.

Tiffany is the weakest in our group. our trainer is so worry about her. she cannot handle pressure well, she cannot faces to the crowd. she cried a few times when we were in training. Mr. Sangar asked help from other AM to help Tiffany. they lend her a hand and gave her some test. luckily, they said Tiffany is ok but sometime not confidence with herself and too nervous. as a group member, we tried to help her. thanks to God, at the end, she becomes stronger and not easily to let her tears down.

Mun Huey. Hmmmm, i don't know what should i comment about this unique girl. tough? no, sometime her heart can be so brittle. funny? maybe? sometime she is very sensitive. But most of the time, she will smile and bring laughter to everyone. she is a very cairng girl. she always take care people. she worked at pharmacy, she always help us check the medicine before we take it. i still remember when i was having sore throat, she brang me some sore throat medicines. so kind-hearted, right?
(i think two of my roommates are crazy of her, althought they don't admit it.)

Khoon is a very silent boy. he is a quick learner. he always teaches my group members about what the trainer taught. he is more suitable to teach than me. you know why. he doesn't like to show his feeling to others. i seldom see him smile. i didn't see him sad before. he is a mistery to me. hahaha. never mind, he just stays next door. plus, he is same group with me. i still got lots of time to know about him.

K... lazy again. Bye

Thursday, February 4, 2010

days at genting

finally, i'm at genting already. Jobless life ends here. YEAH!!! today just waiting for the registration and tomorrow will have an orientation. no doubt, the orientation sure damn boring. hope i can cope with it. oh ya, forget to mention that today also my first time drive car to genting. quite fun!!!

the orientation supposes starts on 0900, but they let me waiting for 2 hours!!! after that, they asked us to go rest. what the heck!!! waste my time only.
went to GYM with my roommates. the facilities in there quite old already. never mind, i enjoyed myself.
had a call with Lily, feel so regret that i couldn't go to BC's birthday party.

so many procedures to complete a thing in genting. so troublesome. couldn't they just simplify the steps. it's easy for them do their works and easy for me.
today is my first time doing laundry. khoon and me went to RSC 2 laundry room. it almost took me 2.30 hours in their. around 1.30 hours was waiting for our turn to do the laundry. same time, we also took this chance to learn how to use the machine and chatted with each other.

met a lot of STPM students. they always ask how was my STPM. please don't ask me, ok? what is passed, then let it go.
just took my 'new' uniform form PSO. frankly, they should buy new uniform already. but the shirts are perfectly fit my body.
1730 till 0200 training. learnt a lot of things and have homeworks to be done. GOD....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

training days at genting

seriously, training is not easy. since the first day, my body is not very well. plus the weather at genting is quite cold, it makes my health worse. now, i'm complete my training and on leave, but i'm still having flu and cough. next monday or this sunday, i will go back to genting.

if you want to know, the games i learnt are roulette, tai-sai, french boule and mini dice. my weakness is roulette, calculation. you know, since so many years i do math with calculator, now without calcualtor really a headache for me. sigh.

this training really gains me a lot of different experince and i meet many friends. now, i'm still feeling tired, lazy to write so much. i let you all see the photos first, later i'll brief more in my next blog, k?