Sunday, March 31, 2013


it will be a crazy week soon.
tests, quiz and presentation are coming
monday - food test + phy quiz
wednesday - corrosion test
thursday - colour presentation

AM I READY OF THEM? i think i just don't worry about presentation...

then, i should welcome PALAPES week.
yupe... you're right. NO holidays for me~~~
i'm still a part time 'askar'. i have to give my commitment to it.
however, wish me good luck.

another new member comes to my life.
rm1500++, bye bye~~~

seriously, the weather is damn hot. i'm actually sweating when writing the blog. YES, it is a random blog and i randomly write somethings. bye bye

Saturday, March 30, 2013

yes, i was fat

these are my photos which i took myself few years ago. the purpose i post them here is NOT to show off how fat i was and now i successfully get the ideal weight.

recently, i always heard about "Hxrbxl Lxfe" which can helps us to slim down efficiently and won't damage our health. the first thing comes to my mind is we are the one who making our body fat and why should we spend money to lose all the fat? the proper way is take a healthy meal and a regular exercises. 100% no side effects and 100% natural. the only thing we need  is DETERMINATION. problem is there is not something called "determination" selling in the market. that's why we turn our head to something which can help us lose the weight.

some people told me that the fat is in their genes. it's sounds like they are born to be fat. come on, when your mother born you, you still a normal baby. some people told me that they had tried and it is useless. i wonder how much of effort you put in to hit your target? some people told me that they are lazy. (y) they are being honest.

you know, why you're fat. lazy to exercise, like to eat junk food, cannot control yourselves, always lying to yourselves that you're not that fat and etc etc etc


i have enough of it. Just get your ass up and go jogging. after that, eat healthy and right amount of foods. Maintain it for 3 months. No doubts, i'm very confirm that you can lose 10kg in healthy way.

SO, just smile and never give up~