Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SHE project....

i dun understand why she is so troublesome???

at the beginning, we started the project. i represented my group and gave her a briefing. that time, she kept on banning my idea and wanted me to follow her idea. i wondered is it student's right to choose what kind of tittle we want to do? then, i followed her and do the topic "Nasi Ulam"

after that, i had some several discussion with her. i had tried to negotiate with her. it's quite impossible to do 20 pages about an unwell known food. furthermore, i wondered SHE is about the ethnic's relationship. is it OK to do a report only consists of Malay's food? how about Chinese? how about Indian? She insists wants us to do Malay's food - Nasi Ulam. OK, fine, we follow.

do you know what she said to us when the day we wants to present the report and pass up the report to her?

FIRSTLY, she said that she cannot accept our report without checking 1st. the proper procedure is let her check and do the correction. when she feels satisfy, only she will accepts the report. but this is the text she e-mailed me:

"Hantar dan demo (persembahan)....sekali..."


SECONDLY, she asked us is it our report is related with other ethnics??? she continued to say since it is SHE, our report must consist other race's things. i was shocked!!! what the heck! this is totally different what you had told me before. at that time, i was so angry. luckily, our group has done some researches between the Chinese, Indian and Baba Nyony style Nasi Ulam. if not, the report sure will be rejected. now, it's 11th week. Impossible to do the report all over again!!!

THIRDLY, she didn't check her e-mail and wanted to blame me come to her room without making appointment with her. the main things is she didn't check her mail and her computer obviously having virus!!! how she going to read my mail??? furthermore, she told me before that on Monday and Tuesday after 3pm, she is free. she even put the consultant time table on her office door. when we met her, she said her son is in hungry and she has to faster go back to pack some foods for her son. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!

LASTLY, she blamed me that i didn't e-mail her every week to report my group progress on the project. she didn't asked me to do so at first. i thought she gives us freedom to do the project. if she really wants to know my group's progress, can't she e-mails me and tell me about her requirement??? i e-mailed with her several times, even this simple things she cannot informs me on the next e-mails??? Now, she blaming me!!!

I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011





Saturday, November 19, 2011

A post

Regarding to my LSP402
(copying Khaw Lin's blog... feel the way she reacts to the dressing code is very funny.)

wear a clean, pressed, conservative suit with a non-flashy shirt and tie:
ME --> iron shirt ma... as easy as ABC la... but non-flashy shirt wor.... i gt 1 white colour and another 1 is colourful. tie??? i got 1 flashy purple, flashy red and 1 formal USM tie. it's means i have to wear PALAPES PO for the mock interview???? pengsan~~~

Have you shoes shined and wear plain socks:

ME --> har.... need to shine my shoes again ar? the leather shoes i need around 1 and 1/2 hours to make it really shine lo.... tension liao~~~ plain socks i got a lot la... royal blue and black colours only... fulfill your requirements liao.....

Have your hair neat and trimmed:
ME --> mine is perfect liao la... i always wonder when my hair can touches my eyebrow~~~

Long hair and extremely long side burn are out:
ME --> yes, i do....

Clean and trim your nails:

ME --> yes, i do....

Hide your tattoo:
ME --> i also want a tattoo... a damn abstract "freedom" in French on my wrist... but no chance

Remove your ear ring/s:
ME --> oh man~~~ it's cool ok??? what gay o straight??? now it's already 20th century, k??? u c how many korean male artists also wearing ear ring, plz..... both ears oso can wat.... =_=

ok... after the interview, i will wear what i wan.....