Monday, May 28, 2012

if i got money.....

if i gt money, sure i will buy all these... problem is i dun hav....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the biggest jokes in sem 4

today, i just attended a meeting. In this meeting, they will bubar the persatuan and choose the new YDP, NYDP, and the other posts for next sidang. The problems are:

  • the attendance is not more than 25% or even 10%.
  • they have their ideal candidates
firstly, i though that there is not enough people to make a meeting, they will like announce something like the account and etc, then dismiss the meeting. then, i can go back~~~ ya,do i mention that prof madya dr afidah alsot here? so, they have to continue the meeting. i dunno why they dun wan to do a survey inside the fb group, ask about the meeting. the time slot which got the most votes, then choose that time to have meeting. why they cannot do like that? Do they know the Juniors got test tomorrow? if you got test tomorrow, will you attend a meeting which is not very important to you? i asked someone there why they want to make it today. he answered me that the other days, Juniors got other activity. Hundred of juniors, hundred of them got activity??? but i tell you what. their core paper got test means 100% everyone will have test. 

then, the YDP asked us is it ok in the EXCO there will be no Chinese. Sure, Alex and i say no problem at all.  HA! this kind of society better don't involve Chinese. i don't want them to suffer inside this society. furthermore, people who don't want to come means they also don't want the position. 

when the election session, MC (i forget who already) said: " actually we got two candidates for the YDP, since the Miss Y is not attend although we already inform her to come. so, her name will be cancel. Now, our YDP is Mr. B." NO VOTING SESSION AT ALL... DIRECTLY ANNOUNCE WHO IS THE NEXT YDP.

i was damn shocked! how can they do like this? can they just find another time to have another meeting? this is OVER. i kept all my things to my bag and i left!!!

p/s: is it means juniors who attend are the juniors who received sms or call which ask them to attend the meeting because their names are in the list of post for next sidang???

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


does everyone loves to listen the true? 
should we only say somethings which they love to listen?
or everytimes we talk, we have to cover our words with a layer of candy?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

make my life healthier

 start to quit coffee~~~
no more coffee in the night....

start to cook myself a porridge every night....
don't want to burden my stomach anymore~~~

Thursday, May 17, 2012


As you can see, there are 4 mugs, 1 cups and 2 tumblers on my bed. 

  • The USM logo is for multipurpose
  • The center two is for coffee (sometimes). 
  • The 'Material' logo is for green tea. 
  • The cola cup, i very seldom will use it. 
  • The silver colour tumbler is for honey or green tea which i wish to keep them in warm condition. 
  • The 'Starbucks"  tumbler is for coffee (most of the time).
I think it's a time i need to buy a rack for them....

Friday, May 4, 2012


time flies, you know. a month later, i will sit for my 4th sem exam. i only have 1 more year study in USM. ha ha ha... so fast, i will be a senior too. why my course is not 4 years? then i can enjoy more study life, more fun???

recently, i attended the chemistry night. i was the MC. it was my first time to be MC and surprisingly i didn't feel nervous. be frankly, i was enjoying the stage. maybe i born to be a star on the stage??? actually, i feel quite sad when seeing the seniors taking photos. this is their last sem, last year in USM. they always help me when i was in troubles. they always guide me. they always give me advice. sometimes, they will ask me to go for movies, 6am McD breakfast and etc etc. it's really fun to be with them. especially my direct senior, Xuan, she is likes my elder sister, always taking care of me. Miki, the one who always blur blur and making a lot of laughter.   Allen, my abang~~~ he is a funny man... seriously funny. at the same time, he is very good in take care of people surrounding him....

thx God again for letting me meet them. wish them all the best and good luck in their future. the little junior here will always support and pray for them. JIA YOU!!!