Sunday, October 31, 2010

finally, PALAPES orientation ends!!!

we were discussing the strategy to play the what "pisang" game...

i was singing... the branch actually is my mic, T_T

we were doing the front roll. my dear friend, Kin, i think she was too dizzy to roll and sat there laughing.... hahaha....

Gempar Wira!!! GO GO GO!!!

Amir, please eat all the flour. i don't want get any of it on my handsome face...... lol....

i just realize that i'm white!!!

frankly, it was quite relaxing when i was in the water. although the water is quite dirty, but i was too lazy and too tired, i just laid my body inside the water and relax....

instead of doing the kissing postures like my friends did i just want to pass the grass faster to Zul... conclusion, i'm not a romantic person....

Hilmi and me.... Man, right?!

see? i was on the top of the wall. the wall is 12m height, you know. until now, i still feel so proud of myself. ;-p

actually i still got a lots of photos, but i just upload some of it in here. all of them are in the Tuan Erpi's photo album. almost 600 photos there, you can have a look there. now, i feel aches from every parts of my body... Oucch....

Monday, October 25, 2010

it's that time again, written by miss Tan KL

can't take it i can't take it i can absolutely not take it!
the 'force/area'.
tak boleh tahan.

nothing feels right,right now...
you'd think you get it,
the theories,the methods to solve problems
but then when you take another look at your texbook/notebook/reference book.

as much as i like writing things down,
i hate long winding passages.
it that so hard too do?
the more you explain,
the more confuse us student gets
the worst part is,
when you don't understand it,brought it to your lecturer,he/she takes a look at it,and tells you it's ok,you don't have to know it,
criticizes your level of understanding of the text,
this should be easy for you to get it, you're a chemistry student.
(well i guess there is still the chance where the lecturer is nice and willing to explain it word by word to you,but i'm feeling passive today,so bear with me)
you can't untangle the knots whichever way.
augh..i hate pages with millions of words.
tomorow,the day after tomorow, thursday.
when i list it down this way it seems less intimidating..
'three days ni's ok wan..ban ban lai..'
but it's the stress that you get,
knowing that YOU are the one that will be sitting in the exam hall..
all alone..
and all you have with you are your calculator, 2B pencil, eraser, blue ball pen, correction tape, ruler.
and the question paper.
it's like a devil in disguise
that few sheets of A4.
suddenly the phrase 'you may begin now' sounds like a death sentence.
you have no time to think,
no time to breathe.
no time to swallow you saliva.
no time to shiver from the cold temperature.
the hall looks completely still as everyone tackles the make-believe problems.
the only movement you see is the moving of our hands.
scribbling down the formulae
punching the buttons on the scientific calculators.
once in a while,
a couple of them flips the sheets of paper front. back.
someone finished solving the first page,and is moving to the next 5questions.
question number10.
15minutes since the war began.
45minutes to go.
question 16.
you dilemma.
should i skip this question and come back to it later?
but if i continue to search for the solution in my head, i know i'll find the way.
or continue staring at it?
10 more minutes left.
4questions still unanswered.
you're tired.
exhausted like you've never been in your life.
you flip through the 30questions and check if they tally with the shaded circles on the OMR.
back to the same sixteen,empty spots on the OMR.
what should it be.
A. B. C. D.
you clicked on the calculator.
hoping somehow a number close to any of the four selections will pop up.
screw the theories.
click. click. click.
'times up. please stop writing. please make sure that your IC number is shaded correctly. we will collect your answer papers now'
you came out of the hall.
not knowing what the result of your battle will be.
slowly dragging your feet,you head to you bag.
and there's only one thought going through your mind.
'one down. 9more to go.'

Friday, October 22, 2010

tests, quizzes and the final exam

no doubt, they are coming and i have not prepare. where is my weapon? where is my armour? am i sure die in the war??? i taking less unit this sem already. can i manage if i take 21 units next sem???

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i love water. our bodies are composed about 60% of water. without water, without life. today i wanna to share my swimming experience in USM swimming pool.

i more prefer if my body traps the water and not the water traps me.

i like my feet are on the solid firm tight earth and not sinking in the water.

i enjoying the wind tenderly touches my face when jogging more than the warm swimming pool water slaps my face.

the feeling of sweats run down from your forehead to the cheeks until the chin.

i even can feel my body is steaming.

swimming is quite suffering for me because my hands and feet is very stiff. i don't know why i can't control them well in the water. i was didn't move at all whenever i want to learn a proper way of swimming. furthermore, i afraid of water. i scare it will stucks my mouth, my nose and my ears. it's very uncomfortable. how to i shout for help if i'm drowning, since i'm full with mouth of water? people surrounded me are so expert in swimming. i was like disturbing their activity. what's the different between an obstacle and me in the swimming pool? i cannot even float on the water....

despite of the cloth problems, i really got no interest in swimming anymore. i seriously told shenq n nan that i won't come back to swimming pool again. however, i learnt how to sink... then, just me sink, sink to the deepest place where everyone can't find me.... then, maybe that time, i really enjoy the time in swimming pool.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

this morning i'm not in a good mood.

today is Wednesday. yes, Wednesday again. before i join PALAPES, it just another normal day for me. Now, i think Wednesday is quite tortures my mental and my body. i have to wake up damn early in the morning and prepare myself for the "baris pagi".

0500: forcing myself get my butt off from my lovely sweet bed.
0515: Maggie is ready to eat.
0530: bath time
0545: answer the huge call from nature, wearing formal, put some perfume, double check my items, rube the shoes again and again.
0600: in the padang kawal already

because we are not allow to wear watch. so, the following i just describe what is the activities next.

1st, we need an IC squad. if no one want to come out, the inters with post will want us to pumping. the actual number we had pumping i also not sure because the inter 'sesuka hati' wants us to pumping. then, they continue to 'lecture' us and we are in pumping posture. when will stop??? until they feel satisfy and want to check the items.

the items are comb, notebook, handkerchief and a black ball pen. if we fail to bring anyone of these, the punishment will comes. not only this, the shoes is not shinny enough, the handkerchief is not in the same size with the notebook, got some beards and etc, if you get anyone of these, you better prepare to accept the consequences. after these, they trying to find more mistake to get us busy with so called PT ( physical training).

then, our PRK will show up and ask for attendance. they will stop the all the PT and we will do the calling of attendance procedures. later, we will move to side of NAVY. we will take the promises, pray and sing songs. it's not the end.

the PRK will approaches and check on us. this is the 2nd time....
then, he will checks those inter and seniors who have post.
finally, after he brings us some info and v can go back to prepare of the class.

this is the activity i will do every wednesday morning.... i still have to stand with it for 2 and 1/2 years...... T_T

Sunday, October 10, 2010


actually, i want to write a blog about my life in USM. so far, i have no idea how to tell you all the stories. i don't know how to start and where to start. so, i choose to not to write. what past and let it be past. what is more important are now and future. master what i learnt and conquer problems in future.

you know, i'm not very good in study. however, i'm surrounded by smart people. it's makes me feel so self-abased. i tried hard to study (but lazy to do practices), my result still poorer than them. what's makes me feel worse is the quiz and test. they are the damn strong evidence to prove i'm stupid.

PALAPES activity will stop for awhile to letting us more time to prepare the exam. i'm kinda miss the time we having training. at least, we got something to do, something to enjoy, something to talk about n etc. now, i'm in my room listening to music, doing the exact things when i doing nothing at home.


Monday, October 4, 2010


the purpose i open this blog is to share my feeling to who really care about me. since i come into USM, i realise that i seldom update my blog already. instead of homeworks and PALAPES activities, i used the time for movies.

that's a lot of things i want to share with you all. that's many stories i want to tell. but don't know y?

maybe i shouldn't open this blog? let it just die like this?