Thursday, December 27, 2012

Current feeling

long time didn't update my blog.
no other reasons, i just don't want to expose too many personal things online.
friends told me that i was spamming their facebook's newsfeed and only i realise that i spend too much of time talking about myself.
i don't want to be a person who always "me! me! me!".
now, i update my blog because i want to stay away from the books.
the exam is coming and the stress makes me can't breath. i think here is a good place to release tension.

now, i back to my home.
i only talk to my mum, my father, my sis and my dog. till now, my lil bro and me are zero interaction.
sometimes, when i feel tired, even he is standing beside me without making noise. i will feel damn annoying.
i dunno why he and i just cannot have a normal sibling relationship. he and me just like N and S. Never ever can meet together.
Scary, right?

i just want a lil bro who respect and listen to me.... that's all