Thursday, December 22, 2011

dong zhi 冬至

1st time cooked raice ball for myself in "dong zhi". Actually it's Ling Ling's idea to make rice ball but i am the one who doing it.

today, although it's quite heavily rain, i still took my motorbike to tesco extra to buy the ingredients. it's very very simple Wan Meng Hawl's recipe. So, it's very simple and easy to do it.

Gula Merah. the brown colour can increases the appearance and it's not so sweet. Mrs Wan was not recommend Gula Melaka because she banned my suggestion.

Due to no more Halia Tua, i was forced to buy these Halia Muda. Halia Tua will gives a pleasant aroma. If got Halia Bentong will be much better, you can't resist the smell of ginger. (for those love ginger only).

i don't know what happen to this photo when i upload it, it becomes upside down. But the way, i'm lazy and tired to make the rice ball by myself. i choose to buy. this is the black sesame falour.

this is the red bean flavour.

ACTUALLY STILL GOT THE 'PANDAN' LEAF, BUT i can't find it in USM... so, plz add yourself if you got the leaves.

Cut the gingers into pieces to make the syrup smells better. before i put in the water, i heated up the gingers.

Well, my little kitchen, next to my bed.

See the brown colour or yellow colour? it's the colour given by the Gula Merah~~~

after you put the rice ball into the syrup, you just need to stir it slowly. when all the rice balls float up, it's means it can eat now~~~


when senior and my friends received my tang yuan, their smiles really make me feel happy. the taste of the tang yuan just average, but their smiles make my day extraordinary~~~ thank you!!!


I will die faster if today i continue reading. Thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Food Science and Technology and Inorganic Chemistry~~~ it isn't a book a day. The "book" should be fun and enjoyable and not full with stress. i'm very enjoy reading and like reading too but not read for the test and exam.

Now, i don't care. I want to go Tesco buy my stuffs and read my 'Reader Digest' tonight.

Bye bye~~~ don't miss me.....

A bigger eye and a smaller eye but both are red colour....
YOU, THIS !$%^&* FACE, i don't want to see you anymore! go and sleep now!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you know where is here? Jalan Bukit Gambir, in front of the Maju Jaya shop. it's full with rubbish~~~ Uni students, please be more green. Here is Penang, not your kampung. Penang is the cleanest state in M'sia. i don't understand why you all like to throw rubbish wherever you want? the "white coffin", remember??? i'm thinking to return the "white coffin" to USM. as time passed, seems like no one remember it~~ T_T

someday, i will make those "rubbishes" eat these rubbish!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


yesterday was a quite stressful day because i had a thermodynamic test in the morning. before the class, i still attended the organic chemistry class. although my last test result is sucks, but i love the Dr.Oo. i really learned a lot from his class.

BUT nvr mind, forget about thermodynamic. come let me introduce them to you, my MAKAN KAKI~~~

Ah Soon - he is the one who plan this makan trip. but he doesn't know how to go the destination.

Ah Keong - the driver. the best person i ever meet in USM.... because he has a car~~~ hahaha

Ah Yan- looking so shock.... but his eyes~~ show he is very tired and sleepy. SO, dun take computer science as minor. advice from WMH

Ace- same as me.... just want to makan then follow the guys come to Georgetown and makan.

my favourite drink - 杏仁茶 aka almond tea. many people hate it and even say it smells like cockroach.... oh please!!! its taste is unique!! I'm loving it.

Chao Kuey Teow- using charcoal to 'chao'. taste ok ok lo... the prawn quite small, the taukey quite dry...

猪什- taufu like blood, big intestine, small intestine, egg and etc etc. 1st time eat it, for me, erm quite nice~~~ will go back there again because of it

Tang Yuan - this is the stall... local aunties making the tang yuan. although the 'dong zhi' is next week, 22 Dec, but we can't wait anymore.... we want eat tang yuan~~~

this the tang yuan. i dao bao, want to go back to IK, sit inside my room, man man ya!!!

after i finished half of it, only i remember my camera.... sorry ar guys... these are the tang yuan... love it! damn damn DELICIOUS~~~~ the ginger taste, the tang yuan, the brown sugar's smell and my room is full with pandan leaves smell.... Ling Ling ka jie, rugi lo.....

Next time, when my family come to Penang must bring them jiak ho liao~~~~

dunno my weight will continue increase or not???

Thursday, December 15, 2011


IT'S HAPPENING IN Desasiswa Indah Kembara

i don't know how long it been here.

I love you, you love me, we are happy family~~~
the underwears and white clothes, they look like very love to stick with each others.


it's crying..... where is my owner???

OMG...... who is the lazy fellow??? does he needs to take HTHTC 101/3
(HTHTC = how to hang the clothes)

Amazingly, i found these master pieces in 1st floor.......
what are they???


underwear again~~~~

Maybe he doesn't know what is cloth clips???
Kedai Mahasiswa got sell it or u can go Maju Jaya there...
next time, when you go tesco extra, u can 'soon bian' buy the clip


i found THE NORMAL ONE~~~ yeah!!!!

P/S: all the underwears above are not belong to me. if you want to steal it, welcome...
thank you for looking at these underwears..... :-)


the HTHTC is the paper you can take from you mum. damn easily to score A. before this, be prepared to scold by ur mum.... HAHAHA



Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello, I'm Alice

I am Alice too~~~

Yes, Horlick is me~~~ today let u all see my side face liao

I also hardworking -ING

erm.... nothing to say

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my coursemate

my coursemate
since all the Chineses in my class are in pair,
i force to pair with him.....


Monday, December 12, 2011


it's very seldom i write about my friend. today i read my friend's blog. it's a very interesting sentences caught my eyes

' when other people is caring about how high you fly, the only true friend will care about is it very tired that you fly for a long time.'

it reminds me that i'm having a very good Malay friend. although we are different skin colour, he is still my best friend.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


it's time to really pack up my damn shit emotion and stick my ass on the chair. WAN MENG HAWL, it's time to study. please look at your test result! do you still feel that now is the playtime?
no more playtime for you, are you understand. why yous till go and buy a non-syllabus related magazine? newspapers, i still ok with you. since i don't want you to be a nerd, what happening in our country, our world, you should know a bit.

now, every papers you also cannot catch up. why u still sitting in front of lappy? why u still facebook. a day without won't die, ok!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

i dun understand

Traditional which is doesn't bring any benefits to me, shall i follow it? i was laid on my bed and think about this question before. obviously, what i thinking is totally different with our people. they think that the exist of this traditional surely got its own reason and got its own meaning. THE MAIN PROBLEM is i cannot accept things which is damn so abstract.

A fucking tiring and meaningless roll call proves nothing!!!

believe me, i sure would follow. what you want to do, carry on. things which is not wajib, i wont go

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SHE project....

i dun understand why she is so troublesome???

at the beginning, we started the project. i represented my group and gave her a briefing. that time, she kept on banning my idea and wanted me to follow her idea. i wondered is it student's right to choose what kind of tittle we want to do? then, i followed her and do the topic "Nasi Ulam"

after that, i had some several discussion with her. i had tried to negotiate with her. it's quite impossible to do 20 pages about an unwell known food. furthermore, i wondered SHE is about the ethnic's relationship. is it OK to do a report only consists of Malay's food? how about Chinese? how about Indian? She insists wants us to do Malay's food - Nasi Ulam. OK, fine, we follow.

do you know what she said to us when the day we wants to present the report and pass up the report to her?

FIRSTLY, she said that she cannot accept our report without checking 1st. the proper procedure is let her check and do the correction. when she feels satisfy, only she will accepts the report. but this is the text she e-mailed me:

"Hantar dan demo (persembahan)....sekali..."


SECONDLY, she asked us is it our report is related with other ethnics??? she continued to say since it is SHE, our report must consist other race's things. i was shocked!!! what the heck! this is totally different what you had told me before. at that time, i was so angry. luckily, our group has done some researches between the Chinese, Indian and Baba Nyony style Nasi Ulam. if not, the report sure will be rejected. now, it's 11th week. Impossible to do the report all over again!!!

THIRDLY, she didn't check her e-mail and wanted to blame me come to her room without making appointment with her. the main things is she didn't check her mail and her computer obviously having virus!!! how she going to read my mail??? furthermore, she told me before that on Monday and Tuesday after 3pm, she is free. she even put the consultant time table on her office door. when we met her, she said her son is in hungry and she has to faster go back to pack some foods for her son. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!

LASTLY, she blamed me that i didn't e-mail her every week to report my group progress on the project. she didn't asked me to do so at first. i thought she gives us freedom to do the project. if she really wants to know my group's progress, can't she e-mails me and tell me about her requirement??? i e-mailed with her several times, even this simple things she cannot informs me on the next e-mails??? Now, she blaming me!!!

I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011





Saturday, November 19, 2011

A post

Regarding to my LSP402
(copying Khaw Lin's blog... feel the way she reacts to the dressing code is very funny.)

wear a clean, pressed, conservative suit with a non-flashy shirt and tie:
ME --> iron shirt ma... as easy as ABC la... but non-flashy shirt wor.... i gt 1 white colour and another 1 is colourful. tie??? i got 1 flashy purple, flashy red and 1 formal USM tie. it's means i have to wear PALAPES PO for the mock interview???? pengsan~~~

Have you shoes shined and wear plain socks:

ME --> har.... need to shine my shoes again ar? the leather shoes i need around 1 and 1/2 hours to make it really shine lo.... tension liao~~~ plain socks i got a lot la... royal blue and black colours only... fulfill your requirements liao.....

Have your hair neat and trimmed:
ME --> mine is perfect liao la... i always wonder when my hair can touches my eyebrow~~~

Long hair and extremely long side burn are out:
ME --> yes, i do....

Clean and trim your nails:

ME --> yes, i do....

Hide your tattoo:
ME --> i also want a tattoo... a damn abstract "freedom" in French on my wrist... but no chance

Remove your ear ring/s:
ME --> oh man~~~ it's cool ok??? what gay o straight??? now it's already 20th century, k??? u c how many korean male artists also wearing ear ring, plz..... both ears oso can wat.... =_=

ok... after the interview, i will wear what i wan.....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

dunno y...

dunno y recently i keep thinking walking wif someone
i keep thinking study together wif her
dinner together wif her

but my eyes dare not look on her.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011





Thursday, October 6, 2011


now, i'm no more a normal member in PALAPES. Corporal.... a huge responsibility!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


i had read a book and it got a beautiful words which make me can't forget about it.

"Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
she remained under the lip of the jar,
and did not fly away.
Before [she could], Pandora replaced the lid of the jar.
This was the will of aegis-bearing Zeus the Cloudgatherer."

No wonder everytimes i'm facing problem, i still hoping it will turns better...

Friday, September 9, 2011


一个目的地 - USM





Saturday, September 3, 2011

Singaporeans in Casino

Case 1

It was happened in Hollywood. I was teaching and explaining an auntie (Singaporean) how to use I-kiosk to check her Genting point and the other functions of I-kiosk. This is her first time using I-kiosk. Definitely, she needs some time to learn it. When we were on the page of redemption and I was explaining how to use the Genting point to exchange a voucher for a meal. Suddenly, a hand cut between us and clicked on the ‘redeem’ button. It was an uncle’s hand. He’s a local. At the same time, he was complaining the Singaporean wasting his time. He said to the auntie that if she wants to learn and talk more stories, please goes aside, don’t waste his time. I was so shocked. I whispered in my heart, this uncle is damn rude. At the same time, I felt sympathy to the auntie. She doesn’t want to have the voucher and she forced to use the voucher. If not, her points will gone just liked that. Furthermore, the uncle still scolded at her.

Half an hour later, the auntie came back to me. She told me that she wanted to make complains. She wanted to find my superiors. She was very upset and felt insulted. After a few minutes, she was complaining to me instead of finding a proper way to make her complains. I caught by her and cannot continue my works. I stood in front of her and listened to her for about 10 mins. DAMN~~~ I was felt sympathy to her and at that moment I felt very ‘bie tahan’. My job is assists customers to participate the lucky draw. We will also try our best to help the customers who facing problem with the I-kiosk. Sometimes, I have to show the direction to some customers who lost in casino. Sometimes, I have to help some customers reserve their room online because they don’t know how to online. Now, I stood there and complained by a customer. She also said that this happened because I didn’t do my job well. I didn’t stop the uncle touching her stuffs.


After 10 mins, finally, she left….. TQ very much……

Case 2

A Singaporean couple got the free vouchers from Genting. I explained to them where they can use those meal voucher and GRGTOO voucher. Suddenly, they felt so unhappy. I was shock. When you receive a gift which is free, will you feel unhappy??? If you don’t like it, just throw away. It’s nothing wrong because it’s your right to use it or throw it.

They complained!!!You know what they said? They are sending money to Malaysia’s casino. They are busy feeding the keno machine. They are enjoying the fun of gambling. Now, the restaurants stated on the voucher almost all is outside of casino. They are hungry and just want to fill they stomach at the nearest restaurant. They don’t want to walk so far. They are very important to us. Blah blah blah and continue with 5 mins bullshit…

Suddenly, the auntie asked me to take a paper and a pen to write down her and her husband feedbacks. She asked again, why I didn’t prepare pen and paper nearby. It’s easier for me to write down customer’s feedback. OMG….. It was totally out of my job. I’m not customer service assistant. I am sales and promotion assistant!!!! Then, I replied to the auntie, actually she can do her complains at the Genting World Card centre there. There has feedback box. She said her husband and her had made a lot of complains there for so many years but all useless. Blah blah blah…. Continue her bullshit.

I just listened with smile.

Before she left, she looked at my employee ID and said to me: “Wan Meng Hawl, I will remember your name.”


Saturday, July 30, 2011


frankly, my working is so far so good...
at least, it's much better than last time i worked as croupier.
this job is easier and more relax


i start to hate genting's weather again. too cold for me~~~
i miss my hot sun... hahaha

who wan to eat genting's moon cake ar???

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucky Zai....

i cant imagine what if Lucky Zai's time has comes and it has to go where it should go~~~~~~~~

Saturday, July 23, 2011


today i stepped into casino again...
suddenly, i missed the time when i was a croupier...
after 15 seconds like that, i felt grateful that i'm not a croupier...

get the T-shirt already, 2moro 2pm to 10pm is my working shift.
hope nothing will happen till the day i resign...

3rd day in genting

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Again back to Genting for the part time job. This time, I am a S.P.A (sales & promotion assistant), but still under casino. Ha ha ha…

Last time I was so excited when I know that I got a job, croupier in Genting. This time, I don’y know why I just want to finish my job faster and go back home. I hope time can flies faster so that I can go back to USM continue my study. When I reach here, I have a weird feeling. This feeling is same as like time I worked as a croupier. It’s very hard to describe. Lonely + sad + happy + blah blah blah. I think at least 70% is relieved. I feel so relieved when I resigned the job as a croupier. Frankly, deed inside my heart, I hate that job. This job made me no life. I such a active person, I cannot just having a life that sleep, eat and work. Furthermore, it’s likes no friend at here. Damn lonely. Sometime, I want to find a person to have talk also doesn’t have.

Last, today is 21/7/2011, the 2nd day I’m in Genting.

p/s: to somebody... i know grammer mistakes....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bye bye

going to leave my hometown again. tis time, i will go genting. not for play bur working. bye~~~

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bersih (from 我们全力支持民行 We Fully Support PKR's Photos )