Tuesday, January 12, 2010

really the last post before i leave MTK

i think i will not back until the day of STPM release.
i want to earn more money.
no mood to write because really no mood.
feel so betrayed

well... bye bye lo. take care of yourself, don't easily get sick, k? friends

bye bye

tomorrow i will go to genting to start my job training. i didn't bring my laptop and sure and i cannot write my blog already. those who miss me can give me a call or sms me, hahaha.

friends, take care of yourself and wish me good luck, k?


Monday, January 11, 2010

leaving soon

i'm leaving soon. this wednesday, i'll go to genting accept my job training. it's my first time go so far a way from home to work. feel a bit excited and a bit sad too. sure, i will miss my dog, Lucky...


Sunday, January 10, 2010

feel so disappointed

yes, i know is us who let u feel sad and disappointed at first. it's all our fault, please forgive us. now what we doing is trying to redeem what we did to you. we used almost 4 hours to plan it for you. we succeed to invite more our friends come. everyone is doing their parts. you claimed that you are mature enough. but i still think that you are very childish. you never care about our feel. once we failed you, you immediately put out poker face to us, no matter how we say sorry. even our calls you also don't want to answer just send me those message fulled with bullshit!!! if you really mature, then you should accept our apologies with your open heart.

Oh my God. i really don't know what should i say to you? we are friends. you giving those silly excuses, EXCUSES NOT REASON!!! i believe talk to me through the phone wouldn't take you an hour. i just need about 10 minutes. Shopping? excuse! Busy? excuse! Promised friend and cannot come? Excuse!!! E-X-C-U-S-E-S!!! i have it enough already!!! don't make me piss off, i warn you!

is not my birthday! ok? is yours!!! even my birthday i also didn't care so much. we were cracking our brains to think what present should we buy for you. we spent time to think what games should we play after eat your cake. do you know even wei got exam next week, she also came to discussed with us? do you know, lily cannot get a good night sleep? Gosh... just we cannot go to Sunway, you become like this??? Genting isn't better? all of us can make it to there. you know, i will having my training on 15 and 16? i hardly to go to Sunway. can you just come here?

i have nothing to say... think yourself... now is my turn to feel frustrated. what we did you don't care, you just care of yourself...


Saturday, January 9, 2010

just photos....

some of the photos i already posted it before, but never mind, i got nothing to do and i posted it again.... hahaha

Friday, January 8, 2010

TWISTED MY WORDS, plus many things

suddenly, i feel so sad because of somebody twisted my words. i remember i didn't comment anything. i remember i just asking. why when i turn around and the meaning of what i said become totally different??? (maybe i critic too much, now that person also think that i am critic him/her.) my heart is brittle as i wrote in facebook? NO, i'm stronger than you think. this kind of sabotage i already used to it just because i can received this thing thousands times in a year. i'm very kind and very generous. So, i forgive you.
P/S: be careful with the message you want to send to.


my luggage is finish packing!!! yeah....
i thought i might use around 2 bags and luckily 1 bag is enough for me. Phew, i no need to carry so many bags. despite of 2 boxes of shoes and a school bag, i think it is very satisfy when seeing my luggage is packs tidily.

nice har? now, i'm just waiting the day is coming. friends, wish me all the best.


my God, i just found a MV is so amazing. i dunno how they made it? it's really cool!!! to those who also doing remix, watch below MV, this is only call remix!




Thursday, January 7, 2010

i like music, i like to sing

after STPM, my life is totally free~~~

the morning right after STPM, i woke up and found that i have nothing to worry and nothing to do. my sixth sense told me the bad thing will happens soon. as expected, nothing to do really tortures me. i kept finding something that i can do and spend my time.

  1. i cleaned my room
  2. i cleaned the house
  3. i watched all the movies in my house
  4. i re-read all the novels i have
  5. i chatted with my dog
  6. i washed both the cars
  7. i taught my sister math
BUT, i still got a lot of free time. Oh my God.... what should i do?
FINALLY, i found that i can listen to music 24 hours non-stop. wow... i can sing when listening to music. now, i'm writing this post with backstreet boys-Incomplete... hahaha


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


i feel so surprise!!! after STPM, no more stress, no more worries and now my face becomes better. no more pimples!! hurray!!! ha ha ha... (wai yee so kesian...)

yesterday i went to "the store" to buy new underwear. i was surprised again. three girls are the men's underwear promoter. what the heck?? immediately, i wanted to turn around and go home. now, i still feel so weird when i was choosing my underwear and three girls were watching me. i asked them.
me: "do you all feel very weird when standing at men's underwear department???"
girl: "we all also don't why?"
oh my God... can i be woman's underwear promoter?

when walking on the 'wai sei gai', i met many aunties but all of them are my mum's friends. they keep saying my mum's son (me) is quite handsome and white. hahaha... but why no "xiao mei mei" or friends same age as me say that i'm handsome???

i cut a short hair already. like it!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

school re-open

good morning everyone. it's time to wake up and go to school!!! do appreciate all the time you in school. it will be your most fantastic memory in your whole life.

now, i'm boring at home and don't know what to do next. life becomes so aimless, but never mind 13 jan i will go to training at genting. my life will starts a brand new page. i know, it might very tough but it better than nothing to do at home, right?

some of you guys already gone to PLKN, cannot read my blog, never mind. i believe you will very enjoy all the trainings in the camp, meet many different people and learn a lot of things. the most important thing is you can meet your best friend forever.

for those will sit for the PMR, SPM and STPM, please enjoy study. it's very fun actually, not as hard as you guys think. PMR and SPM still can play a bit, but STPM must study very damn hard.

for those who study at "maktab penguruan", i just wish you all will be a good teacher. don't be a teacher like dumb dumb ong!!! (hate him max). Nana is a good example of a good teacher, learn from her, k?

for my NS friends, in this 2010, i believe you guys will have a happier life.
: win and rey, you guys really amazing either in study or social, but don't forget me,k?
: JK, study hard and take care your body. don't always sick. (last time you called, i was so surprised! but the way you talking is quite unique, without a second i knew is you on the phone.)
: keong, study is important but i think there are many things more important than study. try to find some fun.
: ah wu, long time didn't contact with you. JK is same college with you, he sure will take care of you.
: ah V, soon i will go genting find you. hahaha, wait for me, k?

for me, still the same moto "no pain, no gain" and "live like no tomorrow"


Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Skin

for 2010, i decided to change my blog skin. i am to lazy to change it but for 2010, i used 1 and 1/2 hours to complete my mission. so, my friends, it is still ok? frankly, i like it. it's a bit taste of home and peace and nature. hope you all will like it

Saturday, January 2, 2010



new day, new life and the same me. yes, if there have been many times in 2009 when i may disturbed you, troubled you or irritated you, today, i just want to tell you that i plan to continue it in 2010. hahaha...

i hope year 2010 is the year of earth. our earth is damn sick and we need to save it. if not, doomsday is our tomorrow. so, please save our earth. i want to be and will be a vegetarian, no more killing poor animals, reduce the CO2 and most important save the world.

i hope when March, the STPM result comes out, i won't cry, i won't angry or sad. i hope i can accept my result with my crystal calm heart. i did my best, i didn't cheat and i will proud of it. BUT, it's better my result can above 3.00. it will be the best
(frankly, i don't know whether i can get my result myself on that day because of working.)

i hope my brother SPM result is all pass. you know, my brother doesn't has much talent in study. he tried his best. nobody will blames him.

i hope my sister will study hard and give more time to study. she will having her PMR this year. my mother has a great hope in her only daughter. i hope my sis won't fail my mum.

i hope i can get my dream subject, chemical engineering, and study in my first choice university. if i didn't get it, at least leave me a seat to be a chemistry teacher. i just want to stick with chemistry.

i hope in this year, i really can participate in singing competition. i want to prove everyone who look down on me that i can sing and i can sing well.

i hope everyone beside me is healthy always.

i hope world peace.

i hope and i hope...
hopes might come reality, who knows???