Friday, May 29, 2009

happy birthday, mr.q

Today is MR. Q birthday... so, congratulation!!! 19 years old already lo!!!
no present ar.... no money lei...

p/s: but i sent u birthday messange at right 12.00am, so tried, man...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blah blah blah

today i just received my math T paper 2 result. although i already prepared to accept the result will be damn damn poor, but i still cannot forgive myself. just XX marks, even WY asked what's wrong with me. shameful, man!

i have no talent in math, i know. next time, i won't let it happen again. guys, you will see, next time i can do better. i must stand up where i fall. i think this time my pointer will not over 2.5 (but hope this never happen). chemistry sucks, physics sucks and math also sucks.

really have to kill myself. useless me. MH, are you deserve to live in this competitive world with this result? shame on you! shame on you!!!

today also got the badan beruniform meeting, just meng heng, eric and me went there. the very first meeting for the lower form. the news i received is 40+ new members, but surprise is just only 20+ persons came.

and it happen something makes me feel damn damn displeasant. st. john ambulances is a international, so, the language we used is english. you know, mostly chinese-educated students cannot speak english fluently. when we asked them to speak in english, there got a group very not serious, especially a girl. she is so rude!!! when meng heng pronunciation is not very accurate, she mimic and laugh with her friends. FXXX! did her parents teach her about manner??? she just talk chinese but laugh at the people who have the courage to speak english? when i say something wrong, she did the same thing again. i bie tahan, i scold her in front of the juniors: " i'm sorry with my english speaking. if you got any problem with it, sorry again. BUT before you judge me, please judge yourself!!!"

then, she likes pissed off and became very quiet. i don't care. she deserved it!!

ok la.... want to to something and i have to go, bye! see you!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i'm getting moodless to exam. everyday study then exam, damn tired. furthermore, the papers are tough, man. my body also cannot take it anymore. i'm feeling sick now.

i told my mum that i feel very uncomfortable. then she start to lecture me, again!
MUM: " i told you don't cut your weight de la! see what happen to you now? always feel not right! you better stop it now and gain some weight. everyday after 5 don't want to eat, oily foods you don't want eat, rice don't want eat. you thought you're the God, no need to eat ar? i tell you ar, later you must eat ah!!! blah blah blah...."

i also can memorize all her words already. hello, i eat a lot ok? just dinner i eat less only. i don't want increase my stomach's job. i want it rest when night. sigh! she don't understand me.

some of my friends also complain that i must gain some weight because my shoulder looks narrow. @_@ when i was fat, my shoulder already is this size. mentakab no gym, ok? i don't have a chance build my muscle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

oh my god... i feel no feeling to exam anymore.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

raining day

is raining day... tomorrow still have math t paper 2... sigh! what i'm doing now?

find lucky play??? he just wants to gai gai...

find KYU??? see his face, so suffer. he asked me go and do more exercise, most important don't get a damn damn poor result!

SIGH!!! I DON'T CARE!!!!!!


math t 1

walao.... leave blanks....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I AM STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pengajian am

for me, this time the pengajian am paper 2 quite tough.

the part A, science essay, i totally don't know what to do to it. i just simply answered it, dasar perindustrian, pelan perindustrian induk, blah blah blah. hopefully i hit the answers.

the part B, sastera essay. i answered the penyakit jangkitan that question. luckily, i have study some examples about the penyakit jangkitan. but after the exam, i dicussed with my friends and i realised the question is 2+2. i have to answer 2 langkah and 2 faktor. my god!!!

part c, structural questions. this part still ok la.

part D, graph. i choose the graph bar jumlah because it is much more easier than carta pai. after finish it, i looked around. i found that people surrounding me were answering carta pai. i started to worry.

part E, transform carta aliran to essay. oh my god. teacher just only teaches us once. i don't know how to do and just simly link them together.

pengajian am paper 1. this paper is sucks. rancangan malaysia and rancangan malaya i never study before. my reference book also don't have these. furhtermore, i just know MARDI, MARA, RISDA and BERNAS, others i don't know. unfortunately, it comes out quite many questions about this.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

just simply write

just now i went out yam cha with Kah Hao, quite miss him since long time didn't meet him. loo wei also came along. kah hao still the same beside the way he talk. he become very very very polite already, the way he talk to us like he just know us. loo wei and i feel very strange when talk with him. mostly is me who talking, you know.

last time, he promised yam cha with me but he didn't make it. what i mind is he told me this bad news when i on the way to meet him. luckily, this time finally see his face although he just stay for about 15 minutes. a lot want to chat with him but... i feel like he is not the kah hao i knew. maybe both of us didn't contact for a long time already...

he was my best buddy i have ever. we used to hang out together, study together and etc. now, when he sitting in front of me,i i cannot find the buudy's feel again. time, you are so cruel!!!

about loo wei, she still the same lo... among the friends who study college, she is the one i meet most. 3 times in a month... hahaha

wan study already. bye

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i hate these changes

This Monday was lower six student’s intake. It just likes yesterday I step into SMKM and now I already upper six, ready for STPM. Time is mean. It never has any mercy.

I miss the time I stepped in SMKM. Everything is so fresh and I had a lot of complaints. If compared it with my previous school, SMK Hwa Lian, SMKM definitely lousier. Now, I already used to its environment.

I miss the time it only has a little form six students. When rest time, we no need to line up and buy our foods. The tables and chairs are always empty. This situation becomes history. Today, I nearly cannot find a seat for myself. Everywhere I can see lower six students.

Now, our class changes to another class. Time table changes again. Everything not the same and these sudden changes make me feels very uncomfortable.

Damn! I hate all of these!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PLKN part 2

It is no easy to describe my NS Chinese friends. since we having a same mother tongue, we should be understand each others more, but the fact is i cannot understand most of the Chinese inside. maybe i am the weirdo.

the first friend i want to talk about is Loh Ah Wee.
he is a very kind guy and he is my first friend inside. we both met in the bus and we sat next to each other. although we not the same team and same dorm, we still can maintains our friendship very well. thanks to him, because of him, i had met more friends who play a quite important rule in my NS's life. furthermore, he is the most talkative fellow. i still remember he left the camp for few days because of the football competition, his dorm was so quite. and we also enjoyed the quietness we had. although before the camp end, win and i were quarrel with him, but after the camp we still like buddy. now, he is working at Genting.

the second friend is Keoh Shao Keong
he is a very good listener. when i am very angry or sad, the first person i will think is him. he looks like a very good boy and very innnocent, is very comfortable when talk with him. plus, he always right on time. we always go out together since others friends always late. now, he is taking form six, studying bio class. sometime we will online to discuss our study or some latest news about ourselves. sometime we will exchange our school exam papers by post. sometime share some informations about scholarship. blah blah blah... after NS finished, our bond never break.

ah wu
he is a Temerloh guy. to me, he is a very special guy with a very unique personality. don't know why when i see him, i become very excited and feel like want to quarrel with him. both of us like Chinese Literature very much. when we want to talk about something bad about Win, especially in fornt of him, we sure will use some bombastic chinese words, because win just can understand simple Mandarin. hahaha. now, we nearly didn't contact with each ohter already. i think i have to find a time to contact him.

very self-confidence, very good in english and has a strong determination. most of the time, we using Cantonese to communicate, somtime english and sometime a little bit chinese. he is a totally banana. my cantonese is sucks and my english is not very good but we like to chat with each other. he cannot hide secret about himself but can hold friend's secret tightly. this why i like him. i feel very easy when talk with him maybe the way he listens and talks. he always makes you feel respect. now, he damn busy to be number 1 in college, 24 hours non-stop study. crazy!!

that's is many friend i would like to talk about. since i will have an exam next week, i have to stop here. if you see your name is not in my blog, don't feel sad, because your name always stay in my heart. Xiu Xiu, so don't be sad... lol

Saturday, May 9, 2009


that rabbit keeps remind me about NS. i left PLKN already more than a year. until now, i still missing the life in there. what fantastic inside not the programs, is the friends who always make you cry. now, i damn missing my Malay, Indian and Chinese friends.

the teacher i most remember: Mr. Aladin
he is more like a big brother to me than a CB class teacher. among the teachers, i like him most. i remember after the water confidence, my skin became red especially my neck. that night, we got CB class and he noticed my neck. he was so nervous. he called the doctor come to treat me and asked a teacher to look after me because he want to go out to find something to ease my pains. so touch, man! oh ya! he also sell instant noodle to us with very cheap price and got hot water supply. for the people to need to guard when night, sometime he will free them a cup of coffee. nice har!

the most fiercest person in the camp: Timbalan Komandan Pengurusan, Lt Kamarul Zaman
this guy really fierce. i will never forget what he did to us. he really trains us like army. he is just medium size and not very huge but he damn damn damn strict!!! when we heard "WIRA!!!!" from him, we all scare. the most memorable is the way he punishes us. you know, camp likes this sure got some people have third hand. when this happened, he will punishes us round the field 2 rounds, then change another clothe, then run more 4 rounds and replied. he can tortures us until 3 am but we still need to wake up at 5.30am. @_@

my best malay friend: Muhsin
he learn chinese from me and i learn Islam from him. both of us like to sing, we always sing together. he just like my buddy inside. when he feels unhappy, he sure will comes and find me to complain. he just likes my little brother. he not like the other malays. the best evidence is he never say " boleh ambil sedikit?" but he always says " nak cuba?" (sedikit means everything in great amount). he is very faithful to his religion and likes to teach me more about his religion but he never persuade me to believe it. when our camp want to make a magazine, "Retro" and he is a reporter, he straight away comes and find me to be his very interviewer . my photo and my words are in "Retro" i am so surprise and happy!

my best Indian friends: Sanjiv and Param
i always have his back. we are from a same dorm and they sleep near to me. sanjiv is very kind and smart. param is very responsible. param is not very good in marching but he never gives up. he train himself everyday. guess what? he represent his team "Charlie" to participated the marching competition.

they always stand at my side and help me as they can. i remember that one night, i was deep in sleep. some idiots came and disturbed me to wake up me. they are bullying me but they think is very funny. Sanjiv is the first one stand up and scold them. then, Param wakes up and wants to kick one of the idiot's ass out of the dorm since the idiot is not my dorm. later, all indians stand for me. later, malays also scold the idiots. then, the idiots stop and let me sleep again, they never say sorry. i remember it and i told TKP about this. those idiots get punish! ha ha ha! maybe some will ask where is my Chinese friends who same dorm? i tell you they are chickens, they are cowards. they just stay in their bed and be quiet!

that's too many storiese inside there and i won't forget all of them!!! you all inside my heart....


tomorrow is mother's day, i still didn't get anything for my mother. undeniable, mother's love is the greatest love of all and i feel like want to do something to my mum. at least, i want her to know her son is very appreciate the love.

actually i want to buy a crystal bracelet to her on friday, but my wallet not enough money. then, i went to bank to withdraw my 'yayasan pahang' money. it just left rm119.82!!! what could i do? i already used up the money for tuition fees and petrol. furthermore, i only can get the crystal bracelet on Monday which mother's day is over. now, still thinking the rm100 that i withdrawn either pay for the tuition fees or my mother's present. sigh!

the next thing i want to talk about is exam. yes, it's getting nearer and nearer. i still not fully prepare for it. form six has too many stuff to study. i think many of my friends sure get ready for it although they always say they not yet finish their study. what happen is their results always blow me away. this is the different between gifted person and not very smart me.

i am a very lazy person. now, laziness is all over me again. now, i lazy to study and........

lazy to type already. so, bye bye

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


happy birthday to li juan!!!
no present and cake a..... no money liao hahahaha

MUET: Speaking

luckily, this time i get an easy question again, "shopping complexes are crowded with people". is easy right? my point is the reason shopping complexes are crowded with people because of the facilities. i like to shopping, i mean window shopping. this question definitely i can answer. i think i did well. finally, MUET finish already, yeah!!! but mid year exam is coming, haiz....

Monday, May 4, 2009


next Monday is an very important day to those who wan to t o study form six. they have to register their name to their own school. so, who wan to study form six in SMKM better online search for the qualification letter.

lower six students coming in and it means STPM is one more step near. i still haven't prepare for it especially math 2. i will crazy, man. later, i also don't know which subjects should i study? chemistry???

my MUET speaking test will start on 6 May. tomorrow i will gather all my members and practice again. you know, practice makes perfect. this time, i want to score band 4. i must score band 4, i f not, i pay rm 60 for what?

ok, that's all for today. see you! :-)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

bye bye msn

MSN got problem and i cannot play already. so, i'm thinking that is better that i give up to fix it back. then, i can concentrate in my study. without MSN, my life still must go on. now, i addict to MSN. i have to stop MSN for awhile.

friendster and facebook i will also quit.

just only blog i will continue.

if anything want to discuss with me, call or sms me

Friday, May 1, 2009


yes, i'm back with bad mood again. i want to relax but unfortunately i forced myself to study again, although i just studied about 45 minutes. many friends told me to relax, listen to music and don't be so serious in everything.

friends, sorry for disappointing you all again. i still very emo. this sunday morning, i will go tasik chatin for jogging. hope it can help me reduce my tension.