Friday, April 13, 2012


seriously i have to thank you Mr. Shahidzwan for doing so many things to make this trip prefect. i do really appreciate this. although some companies rejected us last minute, however, we enjoy. thanks for the God's bless, we were faced no problems wherever we went. this post mainly will be my feeling to the trip, no description about the trip schedule. 100% my story... if anyone feels offence, sorry

actually i feel quite boring because always sitting in the bus from one place to another. when we reached the Iskandar place, i felt even boring. it's nothing there... then, it becomes our photo shooting session. everyone is a models. we kept on taking photos. jumping here, jumping there, posting like ultraman or 'super perasan'. suddenly, i feel this station like an interaction section. it pulls us closer. it's makes our coursemates' bond become stronger. even Dr Hassan is so active and so funny... i will miss that part.

it's my 1st time to join this kind of activity. those children are special in mental and not physical. some of them are autism, some are hyperactive, some are blind, etc... before i get down the bus, i kind of scare and afraid. i feel scare because i don't what they will do to me. i feel afraid because i don't know how to communicate with them. some how, i just feel like don't want enter the house. BUT i still entered and to try to overcome my uncertainties.

after communicate with them, i just realized that they are very kind and pure. i started to feel guilty and shameful for myself. few minutes ago, i was in the bus, i still worry that they will bring me troubles. we drew some drawings with them, danced with them and played with them. we hope we can bring them fun and happiness. i also tried to feed a child to eat. we all used around an hour to feed him and he just ate about 20 spoons of rice. then, the staff came and took over the bowl. to take care of them really need a lot of patient.

thanks to this trip, i gain a very good experience.

My very first car accident

12 April 2012

motor kena langgar. i dah pandu perlahan, dah bagi lampu signal. KENAPA.... kenapa aunty you nak langgar i punya motor. i ni, student, xde duit beli kereta. jadi i gune motor jer. i hairan taw. aunty ade mase tekan hon, kenapa u x nk pijak break??? geram betui la.... senior i duduk belakang, taw? dye takut sampai x taw nak cakap apa dah.... aunty maseh cakap u x erti bahasa cina. PUI~~ lepas langgar i nak lari kut... nasib baek, ade uncle dan abang kat tepi tolong kami. seorg abang tolong control traffic pulak. tgk org pinang laen baek hati. aunty masih x nk mengaku salah... lepas uncle slow talk dgn kau, gune bahasa hokkien yg i x paham langsung, baru kau keluar rm10. Hello, rm10 mane cukup???

thanks God sbb senior dan i mmg xde pape pon. kami xde cedera, x berdarah, hanye nombor plat motor i hancur. xpe, sok i pi wat 1 yg baru punye
ari ni malang la~~~

tiba2 ak pikir, kalo perkara ni berlaku lg, mase tu xde org nk tlg, sape harus i call tuk minta tlg? i mmg xde saudara kat pinang. kawan pun x berapa banyak. gak 100% dah balik kampung. xpe la... i dah dewasa, boleh handle seorg kut?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


yesterday, my friend asked me about my birthday. my birthday is coming and how i want to celebrate it? i was like 'what???' is it too early to talk about my birthday?

when i was a kid, i love my birthday. receiving wishes, presents, and friends are all celebrate for me, it's really makes me feel that i am very important for them. for sure, i'm happy. but as i grown up, i'm change. i become not very exciting about my birthday. my birthday, it's a day in 365 days, nothing special... but i always be grateful that i'm still alive and be thankful to the God and my parents for bringing me to this fantasy world.

now, on my birthday, i always will call back home, say thank you to my mum and have some chit chat with her.  i am not a good boy when i was in secondary school. except i having a good grad in examination, i don't think that i am a very nice. i always hurting people's heart. now, i try to improve myself and make myself a better person. i hope that my family will be proud of me. i want them to feel relieve for having a kind, mature-thinking and responsible son. my family had did a lot of things for me. i do really appreciate it. i am a present for my parents and i want to be the best present that they even have. then, my birthday become more meaningful.

if you ask me what i want on my birthday, i just want people who surrounding me always happy and healthy. that's all...

i'm just a human, an ordinary man and i not really like to celebrate my birthday. the day i born to this world is the day my mum suffer the most. i always pray for her always in health and happy..

the end~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

my life

my life is so good. i just had a test few days ago and i did it badly. then, i emo for a whole day. now, i feel damn good.

my life is so perfect. my family had some problems. i tried to solve it and i did it. now, i feel so relieve.

my life is so nice. it let me become stronger and not weaker. now, i face my problem independently.

however... i still alone in my world. my mum told me that when she was my age, she already marry. when can i get marry and have my children????