Tuesday, May 31, 2011


sometimes, somethings really have to talk face-to-face....

story end

Monday, May 30, 2011

jst a word, boring

i dunno that a suggestion will makes a such chaos???
just because of a word, boring???
am i immature or someone is childish???
why we cannot sit down and have a nice chat???
why we have to quarrel here and there???
why we have to hurting each other's heart???

i tried my best to answer you all doubts to us.
i respect you all and i answering you all nicely.
i didn't use F***, i didn't use id**t, i didn't use st**id, etc
i avoid using any vulgar words to express my feeling.
just because i care about your feeling and i respect you.
have you all asking what we thinking???
have you try to communicate with us, instead of standing strong on your own point and being deaf to us???
i'm tired.
i keep questioning myself...
what i had done?
why i feel like i'm being tackle than receiving advise?
how should i respond to all of these?
i'm not a puppet.
i having a not too stupid brain which allow me to think.
i just saying what in my mind.

i had thought about to find someone to help us solve this situation.
But, i don't want to ruin his day, i don't want him to be sad because of we are not together.
i don't want you all got a feeling that i'm using him as a tool to knock off you all.
what i'm thinking likes no one cares.

one doesn't believe in me.

one is thinking i'm childish and hard to control.
unfortunately, she is the person i respect most.
when she told me that MA*** follow her and SU*** can do what you all want to do. i feel frustrated, you know? why she breaking a team into 2??? some more, she leaving us aside. i thought a future teacher never ever to such things to her students. obviously, i'm wrong.
one using photos to tackle me like telling me "you all don't have the metals. you all not qualify to say anything here."
although she didn't mention anyone, but she wrote there "All of this comes with lots of pain, determination and hard work that some people call it boring.".
she likes snapping my heart...
instead of talk nicely with us, i feel like being insulted and being hurted.
you can call me mama's boy.
you can name me sissy.
even you can address me a over-react, over-sensitive little boy.

can we have a nice coffee and a conversation???

Friday, May 6, 2011

1st year 2nd sem life....

seriously, i think this sem is SHIT.
i dunno why i will take MAA161, MAT181 and KFT131 at the same time.
it's really suffer. i tot i had fully prepared and really for this fight.
i tot i can go to better result ( at least plz maintain it).
it's jst like i going to casino wif pocket full of money and lose it all without a second.

everytime, after quiz and test, i go back to my room.
i take out the result and asking my brain.
Y you so stupid?
Can u b smarter?
besides my PALAPES and other activity, all my time is use on study and finish the assignment.
is it my effort is not enough????