Saturday, July 25, 2009

quite long post, st.john flag day

today is St. John Ambulances Malaysia Flag Day. so, i also took part in it. after tuition class, i straight away go to my destination, Esso.

since this is my last year take part in this activity, i decided to teach my juniors some techniques to collect money. besides Esso, i also went to the petrol station which just opposite.

actually the activity ran very smooth, but something happened. the Esso tauke niong very unhappy with us. i don't know why. suddenly she came to me and said: " next year i won't let you all come here to collect money already. look at you all not serious with your duty. sometime, i saw some of you stand together and chit-chat. you cannot go to pump oil there and ask for donation? see, you friends come here to chit-chat. Blah Blah Blah"

she didn't give me a chance to explain. i don't want them go pump oil there because i afraid us will scare their customers away. some more, the petrol got added benzene which cause cancer in it, i don't want my juniors get cancer. some of them is very fresh, definitely partner with seniors first. i have to admit they smile less, but they just form 2 and form 3, we cannot ask too much from them. they really did their best. other members came to find me because time is up, they waiting for my car. actually she made all of us not mood to continue the activity. all the juniors felt very upset. she really don't know the situation.

BUT, you all know me la. i'm a very nice and good boy. before we left there, i went inside the office to find her said sorry again and tried to explain. she asked me shut up and listened to her. she said: " when i talk, can you close your mouth and open your ears, listen?" then, she shot me again. she thought i will angry with her. unfortunately, i'm not. i tried to save Hwa Lian and St John images. i hope next year we also can come here to collect money. this time she seem more nice than first time. maybe she knows she too over already. what she trying to do is want us to be better.

i know what she thinking. she think that she giving us such a good chance to stand in her station
to collect money and she didn't see some good working attitudes. then she become very angry. she wants to teach us how to do, but the way she talk to us like scolding us.
(but i told my mum the story. my mum told me that she knows the tauke niong. she is quite temper and hate to lose.)

then, we back to school and count money. how much? i cannot tell. but temerloh town group success collected most money. WELL DONE!

who want to view the photos can go to my facebook and friendster, k?

bye bye.....

P/S: when i free, i will write a story. so be patient la.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

some named 'friend' or 'classmate'

someone should learn how to respect.
someone should understand what called friendship.
someone should know how to interact with people.
someone should find a mirror and look at himself.
blah blah blah...

this someone is childish and makes me very angry today.
luckily, i'm high EQ and mature. i still can bear with it.

BUT, don't make me on fire!!! YOU WILL KNOW WHAT HAPPEN NEXT!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday part 1

yesterday i went to st.john one day camp. sucks, man!!!!

first of all, their marching like shit! hopeless!!! i have to train them myself. i think what the hell they doing, didn't they practice marching before? then kai ling told me that this time is their first time marching practice. i have to be strict to them. if not, when they marching outside, they definitely will fool themselves. i know some of them surely will hate me, but i don't care. what i doing is all for their own good.

then, the tele-match started. my team was very quite except Rupert and me. both of us tried to cheer up our group. thanks God, they very co-operate. at first, the games were quite interesting. everyone in my team was very enjoy. but this end when lunch time. they let us waited about an hour for our lunch. Oh my God!!! everyone getting mood less already. then, there something happened. actually what she doing is try to make sure everyone in the games is safe and will not get injured. she also tried to make sure everyone in the games understand the game's rules because some of them kept speaking chinese. then, the subjects felt very angry and sad. they felt she trying take over their power. blah blah blah..... girls.....

when the second part of the games started, everyone in my team felt no mood to play. we felt tired. the games still must go on, so none of us give up. frankly, the last game damn boring!!! nothing can i to decried this part because it likes plain water.

the winner of the camp was voted by contestants. shit!!! bullshit!!!!

conclusion, the games is sucks!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

ckg khalid wedding kenduri part 2

i think today 11th July 2009, 18 rejab 1430H is a good day for Malays. today i at least saw three places having kenduri at their home. even my neighbour also invite all their relatives and friends come to their house but didn't invite me.

ok back to the topic. i went there with my friends. phy class got cui yin, ah mo, shao keong, jason and me. bio class got ah rong, li teng, shi xuan, ah liang, ming jing and meng heng. the bride's house very 'san ka la', deep inside Batu Kapur. we also don't know where is the bride's house located. we just seeking which place got most cars, then we also parked our cars there. luckily, we didn't go into the wrong house.

we were the only Chinese in the bride's house. everyone looked at us, they made us felt so embarrassed, but they really treated us very nice. our teacher still haven't arrive. so they took us to see our bride. unfortunately, we also don't know her. we just stood inside there, until someone took us to have a feast.

actually, i don't like Malay's foods. it seem very oily and unhealthy, some more i don't eat meat and lamb. i just took a chicken and some vegetables to show my respect lo. i felt so surprise because it had an ice-cream corner. it only for childrens and old folks, but we don't care. hahaha
later, thurn's mum, thurn's sis, thurn and guang yao also arrived.

we also met some teachers while waiting for ckg khalid arrival, but all are pengajian am teachers. the teacher i want to gossip is ckg rohani ( don't know got spell her name wrong or not). in her eyes, food is more important than her students. we said hello to her loudly, she still ignored us. after she took her foods, then only she lifted her head and smile to us. sigh!

finally, ckg khalid came. he looked so handsome today (today only...). i think he feel very very very very very very happy when his students come to celebrate his big day. we also took a photo with him and his bride. the photographer is the one who help us take photos for the school magazine. when we saw him, we also felt a little bit surprise.

then, we got nothing to do next. then, we went back home.

the end

my class teacher's wedding kenduri... part 1

part 1 is all photos i took... not many because the sun is strong, i were feeling hot and most important my pap took my camera, i just used my lousy nokia 5300.
next post, i maybe will write something about the kenduri la...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


friends, goodbye!

i wish you will have a brighter future.
i wish you can be a good teacher.
make sure always stay away from devils.
study hard.
May God bless you.

that's not else i can say. i still continue my STPM journey. you have a chance to choose and you choose a different way. it is not easy to give up and study all over again. instead of dying in form six, you found a method to reborn. so, make sure you will not regret, OK?

i gave you a lot of advice. i don't know you will follow or not? hope your smiling will not fade.