Monday, August 30, 2010

this week i'm going back to hometown

time flies and on this friday i will take bus go back to hometown. this 2 months i enjoy USM's life very much. i join many activities and i meet a lot of friends. assignments and experiments report make me busier. PALAPES activities release my tension a lot.

in USM, sleeping becomes my dream. i hardly got 8 hours sleeping time. normally i just sleep for 5 hours, i even have to scarify my nap. God... when i go back home, 1st time i must do is sleep... hahaha

Monday, August 23, 2010

i'm doing good...

long time din't come here and say hi to everyone. i'm still like the same but lost 4kg already. it's cannot blame on me, who call the bus service in USM is so poor, it makes me walk everyday from lecture room to lecture room.

later, i have to go to fix my PTPTN things. it can be fast and smooth. i skip several classes just for it.

i must rush all the exercises by this week. you know, tests are coming. i don't want to fail any subjects. plus, the holiday is coming. except the stupid WUS assignment, i don't want to bring any assignment go back hom.

it's about the time now. i have to leave. sigh~ still busy like hell......

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

still a busy day

everyday in Uni is so busy. i don't know how the seniors still got time to enjoy the things which they like. i hope i can sleep more than 7 hours already. normally when i'm in home, i can sleep about 8 hours per day. now, it's becomes a dream for me.

PALAPES is quite tiring and it's fun. my friends told me that they sense the Malays are not very friendly with us, Chinese. however, i didn't feel anything. am i too stupid or too naive? what i feel is the Malays are trying to communicate with us and don't know how to be friend with Chinese. maybe in their social life are absent of Chinese. i hope my friends can eliminate those uncomfortable feeling in their hearts. i want 3 of us can join the PALAPES until we graduate.

experiments still a headache to me. You know, there are so many kind of uncertainties surrounding us. our readings are not always correct and a lot of factors are affecting the result. my partner and i try to do our best. the experiments still complex as hell. we still doing it like cow.

this week is convo week. some of the lecture classes are postpone but the tutorial classes still going on. tomorrow i may free a bit and go outside to buy the bus ticket for the Raya holidays. although tomorrow PALAPES need to wake up at 5.30am and gather at 6.20am. then after this activity, i can go back and continue to sleep again. later, i have to rush for my assignments and the notes to be done.

that's all for today. bye...

P/s: the keyboard in library is so slippery, so many germs. i better leave here now and go back use my lappy...